2010 Class to Date

Its still early int he process (My God, its only June), but with 7 commits, our 2010 class is shaping up pretty nicely so far.  With AJ Cann committing today, I'd like to take this opportunity to do a Mid-Summer look at our next class.  Players after the Jump.

First off.... all my ranking information is from Rivals, and does not reflect the other ranking services.  Also, rankings and star ratings will be adjusted several times before signing day and really truely bear no reflection on a players final status.  (But it at least is an early pre-senior season indicator).

AJ Cann - Bamberg (SC) Bamberg-Ehrhardt - 4-star - #2 Center in the nation - This commit this morning is huge.  At 6-3 260 he should grow into a good SEC lineman.   He also had an impressive offer list including schools such as: Clemson, Tenn, Aub, Ala, FSU, Ok, Tex A&M, Va Tech, Ga Tech, Mich, NC, NC State, and others.  He currently holds a 3.1 GPA which means he's an itelligent young man (important for the O-line) as well as low risk in the academing qualifiing front.  Plus he's a highly sought after SC prospect that is staying in-state to play for the Gamecocks.  This is big cinsidering the history of these types of athletes leaving the state and B-E's history of sending kids to Clemson.

Brandon Golson - St. Mathews (SC) Calhoun County - 6-2 200 - NR LB -  When Brandon committed last week, it was kind of a surprise for everyone.  His first offer was from the Gamecocks, and re committed the day he got it.  The big part of this (even though I am sure that Brandon is a hell of an athelete on his own merit) is that he is Eric Mack's teammate.  Reportedly, Golson's commit to the Gamecocks is very favorably effecting our standing with Mack.  As far as Golson's abilities, we're just going to have to trust Shane Beamer's assesment of the kid considering the fact that the general public doesn't seem to know too much.

Kelcey Quarles - Greenwood (SC) - 6-4 250 - 4-star - #1 rated DT in the nation -  We can thank Brad Lawing for this one.  This is another huge pick up for the Gamecocks.  Quarles had some academic issues earlier, but that seems to be behind him now.  He's taking summer classes in order to lighten his load for his senior year to help him concentrate on football.  I'm not really sure how that works, but if it works, it works.  He also seems to be a natural leader, something we need more of on the USC roster.  Kelcey seems pretty strong in his commitment to play in Columbia.  He also seems happy to have the process over and doesn't want the pressure during his senior campaign.  But he has stated, publicly, that he will welcome the recruiting visits from all coaches through out the process in order to increase the exposure of his teammates.  The process is not over for Kelcey's services.  Lawing will have to stay on him.  But there is not currently any reason to worry that he may go somewhere else.

Conner Shaw - Flowery Branch (GA) - 6-2 195 - 3-star - #17 Dual Threat QB - Shaw committed in April, but visited the campus again on Tues.  This time he brought some of his teammates with him.  Even though none of the kids Shaw brought with him have current Gamecock offers, that could change in the future.  Shaw also stated on his latest visit that recent commit of Dylan Thompson (see below) does not effect his decision and he will stay firm with his commitment.  Conner was a standout QB in last months Athen's elite 11 camp.  He also lead his highschool to victory in a 7-on-7 tournament there last week.

Sean Tapley - Jacksonville (FL) Raines - 6-0 170 4.42 Forty - 3-star - #67 ranked WR - Sean Tapley is the most troublesome commit on our board to date.  I have read on the interwebs where Tapely has said that his commit to Carolina is at 60%.  It seems that Tapley is using his commit as a placeholder while he looks aroung.  It has also been rumored that he may be pulling his commitment soon and switching to Maimi.  Two of his teammates are current Maimi commits.  We'll just have to wait and see where this goes.  My personal feelings are that while Tapley is a good athelete, his skill set isn't something we can't find somewhere else.  If he does not want to be a Gamecock, then I'll feel sorry for him, but I wish him well wherever he chooses to go.

Dylan Thompson - Boiling Springs (SC) - 6-3 201 - 3-star - QB NR - USC was Dylan's first and only offer.  However, he impressed Coach Spurrier enough during the USC camp that The Head Ball Coach offered a scholly.  Thompson committed on the spot.  This is another commit that not a lot is really known about (Other than he hails from the same high school as Phil Petty, not bad).  Thompson played in only 6 games last season for the Bulldogs, but he was able to mass 1,300 yards in the air and 500 yards on the ground with 21 total TDs.  Not bad for 6 games.

Elliot Williams - Milledgeville (GA) Georgia Military College - 6-6 285 - OT NR - If some of you have heard this name before its because Elliot was a 2008 commit.  After finding out that one of his classes was not actually a prep class, we was declared a non-qualifier and placed at GMC.  Elliot has been playing RT at GMC and is looking forward to finally making it to USC.  He is not looking around at any other schools.

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