Dont Get to ancy Yet !!!

Hello USC fans, i am a Florida resident living 25 min from Gainesville,  I grew up a die hard Florida Gator, i used to go to the games and dream of the days that i would be catching passes in Steves Fun n Gun Offense. Well i ended up on defense and Florida never came calling, not much need for a 5'11 195 Linebacker in Gainesville. But hey i went to alabama instead, ended up at safety, what can i say, I am a long time USC fan back before Lou was there something about those Black uniforms, and a fightin Rooster makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I have been watching USC for the past 4 years and i think you guys are going to be real good if you dont fire the ole ball coach first. Lets Look at facts.

1. USC was in way worst shape than UF When Stevie Boy came to town, & Shane Matthews was just pure Luck. Had he not been there you could scratch that first sec championship. Galen Hall left Florida in good shape player wise. We also have a better recruiting capability than most schools over 100 bars right in the middle of campus leave practice grab a beer or 10 head for the dorm.

2.  USC was not in the best shape when Steve came to town, and he has recruited great QBS since he's  been there they just havent panned out, Remeber we had those days to, Doug Johnson, Jesse Palmer, & Terry Dean. USC is just going through the problems Earlier rather than later, this could be a good thing.

3. Its not just about QBs These guys need protection and that starts with Oline, its Hard to Get the top O line when you have Georgia and Alabama Scooping them up to solidify their running Games, Remeber Alabama Has a signing bonus.

4. You can throw but can you catch? Florida was  loaded up with super great receivers right from the start, it takes some time to build the recruiting base up and convince people to come play for you. Hell the best receivers at USC might not even be on the team they may be guys walking around campus going to class and games who have more talent than anybody on the field.  USC has to find the guys with all the qualities in a reciever Fast , smart, & can catch, so far they have only had guys with 2 of the 3.

5. Run, Pass, or Defense a wins a win in the SEC, Keep talking up USC defense to keep those Talking Machines coming to Columbia. At least you guys can stop some of the best Offenses in the country, in Steves Early Days at Florida we prayed we could score 50 and hoped the other guys ran out of time, becuase  we had No D.

After Thursdays Game at UGA I think the pieces might be in place, and if all goes right USC Could Have  a 10 Win season. Dont Take The Alabama Game away from Ole Spurrier he knows how to beat  bama. Florida is probably out of the picture, unless the Gators are 9-0 going into this game they might be complacent, and Tebow cant win by himself.

Garcia is coming on well, just think you could have Eric Crompton that would be a nightmare.

Keep your heads up enjoy the Season, at least USC always makes it interesting even when they lose.  There's always next year, Wait Next Year Tebows Gone along with half the Florida Team that has been carrying Meyer, Wow now it will be a game, if USC can beat Georgia You might have a top 10 Finish and an SEC champ up in Columbia, Garcia is only going to get better!!


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