Weekend Clippings

A happy weekend to everyone, folks. The weekend found me spending the time I allot to blogging writing stories for the EA Sports campaign, which has been a blast. However, it kept me from keeping up with the news as I like. Here's a list of significant clippings, in case you missed them.

USC books trip to Sunshine State | GoGamecocks. USC has scheduled a home-and-home with Central Florida.

Worst. Scheduling. Ever. Leftover Hot Dog reacts to the Central Florida news. I would generally have to agree. While I would prefer to watch the Gamecocks take on Central Florida or Navy rather than, say, Charleston Southern, at the same time you have to admit that this kind of scheduling is something of a lose-lose for the Gamecocks. Although they're a relatively tough opponent, they're not a team that anyone is going to give us credit for beating, which makes this a nothing-to-gain, everything-to-lose sort of situation. That's particularly true when you talk about an away game against these guys. As someone that enjoys good football, I'm down for taking on Navy or Central Florida at home. Like I said, it'll be more exciting that way. Away games are a different story, though. UCF will be ultra-jacked for what will be one of the biggest home games in program history. We still have no business losing that game, but you have to admit that it'll be a snakepit down in Orlando.

Second of all, as LOHD also points out, most teams use OOC games against non-marquee opponents as a chance to rest up and prepare for the real prizes. We may laugh about the kind of mismatches this philosophy creates, but there's a reason why Alabama has Georgia State scheduled before taking on Auburn. It's smart scheduling in its way, even if its a little cheap.

The realist in me has to wonder, though, whether or not marquee programs view scheduling home-and-homes with us in much the same way I'm construing our upcoming series with UCF. If Hyman and Spurrier were to go to, say, Ohio State with a proposal to do a home-and-home, what would the Bucks say?

USC lineman gets sixth year | GoGamecocks. Terrence Campbell gets extra eligibility. Good news here.

USC’s top QB prospect hits S.C. | GoGamecocks. Tanner McEvoy hits town.

UGA football players arrested for alcohol offenses | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC. This story isn't quite as juicy as what happened with the Vols, but compounded with the Damon Evans story, it's just more bad news for a program desperately seeking stability.

Reserve back Burns leaving program | GoGamecocks

TheBigSpur.com - Tanner is the best ever

Tanner seeking new deal | GoGamecocks

Merrifield exits on top | GoGamecocks

Price, Walker score honors | GoGamecocks

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