SEC Releases 2013 Georgia Schedule

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 03: Once LSU woke up at the SEC Championship, these guys actually represented the University of Georgia better than their football team did. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

After South Carolina defeated Georgia in Athens and compiled a better MOV over the rest of the East only to see the Dawgs back into a division championship thanks to an easier West schedule, many Carolina fans have been paying almost as much attention to the Dawgs' new schedule as our own. Details have begun to leak out that are apparently favorable for the Athenians.

There are rumors that, despite protest out of Columbia, the SEC has complied with Georgia's request to move the Carolina game back towards the middle of the SEC schedule. Gentry Estes of Dawgs247 is now reporting that Georgia will likely lose their previously scheduled 2012 trip to Alabama (premium content), while keeping their return trip from Ole Miss. In contrast, there are rumors floating around that Carolina will lose our scheduled return trip from Mississippi State, while picking up a game in Baton Rouge at LSU.

South Carolina fans are understandably incensed that the Dawgs, fresh off the easiest SEC schedule in modern memory, somehow managed to twist the expansion process to produce an even easier schedule in 2012.

However, it is important to remember that 2012 represents merely a stopgap schedule. Everyone involved in expansion concedes that the SEC is likely to further alter the schedules to a more permanent solution in 2013. What has not been widely reported is that this process is further along than anyone at the SEC office has previously acknowledged. While the conference tries to accommodate the concerns of all schools, there have been inevitable conflicts. Understandably, the founding members often have a bit more pull and favors to call upon in those situations. Though this is subject to minor tweaks as circumstances warrant*, Garnet & Black Attack is pleased to offer an exclusive sneak peak at the University of Georgia's 2013 schedule.

Aug. 31 Georgia State
Sept. 7 Kentucky
Sept. 14 Georgia Southern
Sept. 21 @ Vanderbilt*
Sept. 28 BYE
Oct. 5 South Carolina
Oct. 12 @ Kentucky
Oct. 19 @ Tennessee
Oct. 26 BYE
Nov. 2 Florida (Jacksonville)
Nov. 9 Kentucky (Homecoming)
Nov. 16 @ Kentucky
Nov. 23 West Georgia
Nov. 30 at Georgia Tech

* If Vanderbilt shows evidence of becoming a consistent 6-6 team, the SEC has promised that Georgia will be allowed to host the Commodores rather than risk another Nashville nailbiter in front of hundreds of semi-hostile fans.

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