The Feed Pail - October 4th, 2012 - Game of the Century Eastern?

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Some quick links and daily reading material from around the internets as they pertain to the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Lost Lettermen: Chris Mahr writes that this weekend's match-up is better than LSU-Alabama, (played on November 3) a series that was called the Game of the Century last year, twice. This is a huge game. And it matches some of the biggest games this year, leading up to the Alabama-Michigan that was thought to be a huge game, and even the top ten match-up of Clemson-Florida State, still probably the best game of the ACC season. But this game is too early to call it the game of the year. Because there is a lot of football after.

Well, I could change my mind though as early as Saturday. If LSU blasts Florida, then this game is huge, but then will resume importance of the Alabama-LSU game. If Florida handles LSU, then the subsequent Florida games against South Carolina and Georgia will become huge. Florida would be 4-0 in SEC play with wins over Texas A&M, Tennessee, Kentucky and LSU. It's kind of like 2010, where the Georgia game was a huge success for us, but the Florida game was probably the biggest of the season. We'd never won in the Swamp and we needed that win to clinch the East. This is to say that through all my disagreements with the Georgia fan-base, I agree that Auburn will always remain their most important rival, so long as it is always played after the Florida game. Because that's when the SEC East is clinched or lost.

Make no mistake, I think this game is huge. But the game of the year? I just think it's too early for that kind of hyperbole.

TheBigSpur: Spurrier press conference quotes leading up to the SEC East clash on Saturday. Georgia fans may be surprised to see the HBC doing a little poor-mouthing in his own right and continuing the EAST IS DOWN meme:

Who knows until we play them all out. Whoever wins the game in Atlanta, their division will be the best this year. That’s the way I’ve sort of always looked at it.

TheBigSpur: (pay-wall, but they appear to be offering a free-trial through the end of the year) Tony Morrell gave his post-game thoughts on the UGA-UT game. Here's what the recruiting guru thinks about the talent on the sidelines for UGA-USC:

I’ve seen Georgia fans act as though there is a big talent discrepancy overall between the two teams, but I don’t see it. South Carolina can line up man for man with Georgia and stack up just fine.

Anderson Independent: While, I wrote that this may or may not be the biggest game on the SEC slate, this is certainly one of, if not the biggest game in South Carolina's history.

Saturday will mark the first time USC has ever played a top-10 opponent at home while also ranked in the top 10.

This is an extremely important crossroads for the program. A chance to potentially cross-over into the upper echelon talk for next year and the year after that and so-on. Recruits in the stadium, national television and Gameday. This time it's not just because we're playing a top ten program, we're also a top ten program. With all of the changes made recently and the future changes the athletic department hopes to make, this game is hugely important.

Anderson Independent: Kentucky game was a wake-up call to coaches. Also, Spurrier urges that fans to be nice to Corso. I can't make any promises, and the truth hurts...

"Lee Corso really likes us. He made a statement eight years ago that we’d never win the SEC. So far he’s right. We haven’t won it yet. But I really believe Lee Corso likes us a lot, likes South Carolina a lot. Hopefully our fans will not boo him. He is a good guy. He really is."

Team Speed Kills: Story stream previewing the USC-UGA game. So far, it features an article on third down completion percentage and the loss of Michael Bennett. As I have said on Dawg Sports, I am truly sorry for Michael and for Dawg fans that Michael Bennett is hurt. Never good to see young men go down with injuries, Get well soon Michael Bennett!

Lost Lettermen: In case you need a reminder why Georgia fans so strongly dislike the HBC, here are his best 5 jokes about the Georgia Bulldogs football team. Poor Ray Goof.

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