Gamecock basketball history

The article by tryptic67 about Gamecock basketball coaching regimes since the end of Frank McGuire's tenure is very interesting and worth doing. I understand you are trying to pick one or more points for each era to discuss; obviously there were many more turning points than one. I always recommend the book Roundball Culture (long out of print, but easily available used online) for anyone interested in the detailed account of the McGuire era.

Suffice it to say, we as a U did not cover ourselves in glory with how we handled McGuire's career, something I always remember when some Carolina fans get into "fire the coach mode" - which some do at every small downturn in the course of a game, let alone a season.

An interesting thing illustrated by this article is that not only is "hindsight" 20/20, but it gets sharper with time. For instance, the last two year entries in the articles have the least insight of all.

When tryptic67 signals that he is one of those fans of the former Winthrop, current Wichita State coach, that sort of makes me tune him out, as I do all members of that cult. I don't see that Marshall did that much at Winthrop (they still make NCAA without him) or WSU (having a good season this year, but nothing much before).

To say that if somebody other than the current coach had been hired, the result would be different, is the wildest speculation. Yes, someone else might have tried to plug Devan Downey et al into a rigid system, and we might have had less success than we did at first.

Clearly, the basketball team is dysfunctional now. There are certainly pieces, but they remind me of the 0-fer football team under Lou Holtz. The turnover of personnel under Horn has certainly concerned me. I don't think treating recruiting like draw poker -- dump four cards and get a new hand -- is the way to go in sports, or in cards, but at the very least when you dump cards, you need to draw replacements, and Horn has not. I am also a little concerned, not knowing the cause, about the assistant departures (I do want Mike Boynton to be a good coach).

I'm concerned that some players have gone backwards, like Lakeem Jackson, and I am concerned a player like Damien Leonard was a shooter in high school, but obviously has technical problems now.

The very obvious Junior hole we have on our roster, I think says "Juco," which is NOT everybody's favorite word in Gamecock land.

What seems certain to me is, whether the basketball programs tries to build with the current staff, or fires them and starts all over (there is no choice, it is either or) we are in for some lean years coming. If you are a Gamecock fan, brace yourself. If you can't handle that, enjoy our fine Baseball and Track and Tennis and Equestrian teams, this time of year.

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