Breaking Down Each Game In 2012: Missouri

Breaking Down Each Game In 2012: Missouri
Next up on the Gamecocks schedule is the new addition to the Sec Missouri Tigers. This should be a big time test for the Cocks. Missouri was a pretty good team last year and should have a very good team this year as well.

2011 Record-8-5: Four game winning streak to close out the year

Bowl Game- Missouri 41 North Carolina 24 in the Independence Bowl

Key Players In 2012- James Franklin/qb, Henry Josey/rb, Dorial Green-Beckham/wr

Key Matchups:
1. South Carolinas Defensive Front vs. Missouri's Running Game- This is first and foremost the scariest running attack we will have seen in the young season. Last season Franklin and Josey combined to rush 362 times for a total of 2,149 yards. If we are going to win this game it's gotta start up front. Now the numbers I just presented you with were against Big 12 competition and I assure you that Sec defenses are much superior to those that the Tigers have faced before and our front line needs to show that we are the real deal right from the start. Clowney, Taylor, and the rest of the studs on the line will have a chance to really show the rest of the nation that they are superstars in this one.

2. USC Secondary vs. Franklin and Green-Beckham- I stated that the previous opponent, UAB, would be the first test for our secondary and I can assure you that Missouri will be even more of a test. Franklin threw for almost 2,900 yards last season with 21 touchdowns to go along with 11 interceptions. Not to shabby. Missouri also picked up that one guy...what's his name??? Oh yea, Dorial Green-Beckham, the number one recruit in the nation coming out of high school. Green-Beckham is a tall and athletic receiver and we have got to make sure that we have two guys on him at all times. At this point in the season, he will have had time to adjust to the college speed so he could be very dangerous. If we keep him in check and keep the heat on Franklin then we have a good shot at coming out of this one with a win.

3. Shaw And The Passing Game vs. Missouri's Defense- Obviously our rushing attack is going to play a big part in this game. It will in all of our games this year but I think our passing game is crucial in this one. Missouri can score and they can score a lot. Shaw and our young receivers have to step up in this one. Missouri is going to focus on shutting down our rushing attack so this will be a game were Shaw can shine. If he and the receivers can step up then it will clearly open up more opportunities to run later in the game and seal the deal.

Conclussion-This game is huge as far as us winning another SEC title. It's crucial for us to go into the Georgia game undefeated. We get the Tigers in The Cockpit so that's a huge advantage for us. The defense is going to have to play very good and I believe they will. If not, then Missouri could come in and steal one from us. Don't count on it though. Expect Clowney and Company to make a statement in this one.

Prediction: South Carolina 31 Missouri 28

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