Breaking Down Each Game In 2012: Georgia

Breaking Down Each Game In 2012: Georgia
Well here we are now at the much anticipated midseason game against Georgia. For a lot of us Gamecock fans, the biggest game of the year. This game has decided or at least played a huge part in deciding who wins the East the last two years. This years game should be no different at all.

2011 Record- 10-4 (7-2)

Bowl Game- Lost to Michigan State 33-30 in the Outback Bowl

Key Returning Players- Isaiah Crowell/Rb, Alec Ogletree/lb, Aaron Murray/qb, Malcolm Mitchell/Wr, Jarvis Jones/lb

Key Players Lost- Practically the whole secondary due to some sort of arrest

Last Meeting- South Carolina 45 Georgia 42

Key Matchups:
1. Marcus Lattimore vs. Georgia's Defensive Front- South Carolina has beaten Georgia two years in a row now. The main reason...Marcus (The Dawg Slayer) Lattimore. Two years ago Lattimore became a household name when he ran up, down, and through Georgia's defense. Last year was no different. He has single handedly put our offense on his back when we get together for our annual whipping of the dawgs. If our line protects and Latti gets going again then expect him to continue the pattern and the Cocks to win a third straight against the Bulldogs.

2. USC Defense vs. Aaron Murray- The Cocks defensive front should be very good. The secondary will have some very good starters but the depth could be an issue. Georgia loves to throw the ball with Aaron Murray and if he gets hot and our secondary doesn't step up to the challenge it could be a rough night for us. As I said before, our defensive front should be able to stand their ground against the run with Georgia's young offensive line so it's up to our secondary to shut their passing attack down. If we give Murray time to sit back in the pocket he will pick us apart. This should be the biggest test we've seen so far in the 2012 season.

3. Gamecocks Special Teams vs. Georgia Special Teams- This game has come down to the last second almost every time these two teams have played since the early 2000's. I don't expect this years matchup to change at all. This year we will have a true freshman (Nick St. Germain) stepping in for us and i'm sure at some point he will have an opportunity in this one to get his chance at stardom. Georgia struggled in the special teams category last year (Reminder...Melvin Ingram running a fake punt 68 yards for a touchdown). If we can win the special teams battle this year then expect a W in the win/loss column.

Tale of the Tape- Can the Cocks do it again? Will the defense step up and shut down Georgia's high powered offense? I do believe so. I keep hearing from Georgia fans that last year was a fluke and if not for their costly turnovers they would have beat us. Well coulda, woulda, shoulda. If anyone on that team could have been able to catch up to our 270 pound defensive end as he ran down the sidelines past everybody they would have beaten us to. Fact is, they didn't. This years game should be another great one though. These two are about as evenly matched on both sides of the ball as you can get. Like I said before, special teams and whoever can capitalize on the others mistakes could once again be the difference. Hopefully, like the last two years it'll be the Cocks.

Prediction- Gamecocks 27 Georgia 24

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