The Daily Feed: March 26, 2012

Frank Martin: Done Deal?

TDF - La la how the life goes on.

The Search

Sportstalkgolive: Martin watch at USC intensifies Monday. Is today going to be the day? Or are we being used to improve Martin's position with K-State?

Andy Shain: Andy tweeted yesterday that he got a polite - but firm - stiff arm from USC AD Eric Hyman [at the USC-Stanford WBB game] about the men's hoops coaching search and Frank Martin. Does it come as a surprise that Eric Hyman is keeping mum?

Heath Cline: In the meantime, Heath says no press conferences have been scheduled today to announce Martin (yet). As always, this is subject to change at a moment's notice.

Leftover Hotdog: Flounder announces that This Week is Dubbed - Frank-Mania. What is Plan B if Martin says 'no'?

The Daily Gamecock: Isabelle Kurshudyan asks: Frank Martin to South Carolina? That reminds me - I haven't seen any media outlet here or in Kansas come out and deny that Coach Martin was in Columbia on Friday; it seems like no one has bothered to ask him that specific question, either.

Bring on the Cats Blog: An interesting fan shot from our K-State counterparts - Martin remains the basketball coach at Kansas State, but it's already begun.

Manhattan (KS) Mercury: Currie can ill-afford to lose Martin. Everything from K-State seems to center around the dysfunction between Martin and the KSU A.D. John Currie. Otherwise, we'd really have very little to offer Martin.

Andy Katz: On that note, ESPN's Andy Katz says "[i]f Martin is seriously interested in leaving Kansas State (he has publicly said he hasn’t talked to anyone), he should look at Mississippi State, which is a better basketball job than South Carolina. There is plenty of talent in the state, more recent success in the sport, and a more passionate fan base for hoops." That's a sign of the times, folks - the Cow Bell crowd is considered a better hoops fan base that a former ACC member. (Confidential to Andy - we can pay more than State; a lot more).

Kansas City Star: K-State season in review. A look at how Martin's Wildcats exceeded expectations this season; if Martin comes to South Carolina, then we're going to need a whole lot of exceeding expectations for next year if we want to compete.

Gamecock Football

Sportstalkgolive: Phil Kornblut: Here’s the recruiting column for March 26th.

Bleacher Report: Flounder posts Power Ranking the Last 5 Recruiting Seasons.

Anderson Independent-Mail: Young Gamecocks take over first spring scrimmage. I like the sound of that.

Olympic Sports

Gamecocksonline: Women's Tennis - Women's Tennis Posts 4-0 Win Over Mississippi State; Men's Tennis - Gamecocks Fall at No. 12 Mississippi State; Golf - Gamecocks in Contention After Opening Round at Hootie at Bulls Bay.

Loose Feed

Lexington Herald-Leader: Horn says Calipari, Crean represent 'total package' as coaches.

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