The Feed Pail: August 12, 2012

Connor Shaw (5-10, 108 yards, 1 TD ): There will be better days.

TFP - Summertime, and the livin' is easy.

Gamecock Football Quarterbacks hit and miss in Gamecocks' scrimmage. Andrew Clifford had the best day under center (6-9, 122 yards, 2 TD) as the fourth-string QB.

Life of a Gamecock: Adam posts his Scrimmage Observations - 8/11.

Post & Courier: First preseason scrimmage gives glimpse of South Carolina’s future. Are true frosh WR Shaq Roland and TE Jerrell Adams as good as they were hyped to be - or better?

Spur of the Moment: Darryl dishes more info on the scrimmage - Notes/stats from scrimmage No. 1: Hull the likely punter, Yates kicks way to scholarship, Spurrier responds to McEvoy/alcohol-related criticism. Congrats to Adam Yates for kicking his way to a scholly! Well done! And tremendous line from Steve Spurrier on the Vols holding practices on the high school field in Johnson City, TN that bears his name:

“You know, they should have called me,” Spurrier joked. “They didn’t call. But they knew I would certainly approve of it. Their fields (at Milligan College, where Tennessee was holding preseason practices) got rained out. They’ve got a turf field there at Science Hill High School now. Glad we could help out the Vols. Hopefully, they’ll beat Georgia and a whole bunch of people. Not us, but a bunch of people.”

Sports Talk Radio: Spurrier responds to criticism of his McEvoy case comments. Audio of the HBC's remarks.

Bleacher Report: 5 Reasons Steve Spurrier Cannot Underachieve This Season.

Meet Me at the 50: Gamecock fan Ronda Templeton posts Gridiron & Grits: In my midnight confessions. Check out her blog!

Ron Morris: Make coliseum a palace for women’s team. Not a bad idea from the old curmudgeon. Volleyball could also play some of its bigger matches in the Carolina Coliseum (currently Scott Swanson's team plays in the Volleyball Competition Facility, which was originally the old basketball practice facility). The Coliseum would also be a great venue for women's gymnastics. Ron can suck eggs, though, for suggesting we don't need a new indoor practice facility; I don't recall the old hypocrite criticizing Clemson for building theirs.

The Rubber Chickens: Tbone frets about the Beast Board.

Don't forget to check out the Loose Feed after The Jump!

Loose Feed

Dixie Fried Sports: Matt Barber asks Who will hire Petrino? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see him on the sidelines of Commonwealth Stadium or Neyland Stadium next year.

Sporting News: Checking in on the Vols - Tennessee coach Derek Dooley sees improvement in run game. Best line - "Don't confuse that with, 'Man, we're good,'" he said." Checking in on the Dawgs - Richt says freshman could be starting RB. Best line - "Richt has grown a new goatee." Now we know he's serious!

Smart Football: Nick Saban on Bill Belichick’s Hybrid/Subpackage Defenders: “Star” and “Money.” The Sabaniator is an encyclopedia of pulchritudinous pigskin perception.

Crystal Ball Run: From August 2 - SEC Preview Week: Can a team from the East win the conference? I like the cut of that man's gib.

Go Cocks!

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