The Feed Pail: August 29, 2012 - Whose Realistic Expectations are Realistic?

TFP - You know you done me wrong baby.

Sports Talk Radio: Vanderbilt’s Franklin: ‘realistic expectation’ to beat USC Thursday. It's not a long audio (2:30) - you should listen to it. Also: With two days to go until kickoff, USC continues prep for Vandy.

Gamecock Anthem: David Porter has yesterday's practice report - Defense ready for Vanderbilt.

Rock Hill Herald: Franklin has Vanderbilt fans excited by Neil White of The State.

Bleacher Report: South Carolina Football: 7 Keys to Winning the Vanderbilt Game by Alex Roberts. Byrnes product Nick Jones awaits larger role with Gamecocks by Matt Connolly.

Aiken Standard: USC tackle preps for Vanderbilt. Darryl Slater profiles RS FR OL Brandon Shell.

The Rubber Chickens: TRC Unleashed – Episode 26 – The Vandy Preview.

Anderson Independent-Mail: Shaw bringing stability to Gamecocks by Brad Senkiw.

Gamecock Central: Rainy day photos of W-B and the Farmer's Market. It looks amazing.

Athlon: Ace Sanders is one of College Football’s Pivotal Players: Eight from the SEC.

ESPN SEC Blog: Video: South Carolina's X factor and SEC depth chart roundup: Eastern Division.

Loose Feed

Leftover Hotdog: 2012: A Pivotal Year for Four SEC East Programs and Gamecocks Football: Football Eve. Congrats to Billy "The General" Koehler for completing his 100 day countdown. It was an excellent series and a monumental blogging commitment that he delivered with aplomb. Well done!

Saturday Down South: SEC offensive power rankings. Not sure I'm buying exactly what Jon is selling here. SEC preview: Power shift taking place in football's toughest league.

Mr. SEC: 2012 SEC Preview: Blue Horseshoe Loves Alabama.

Pre-Snap Read: The Countdown No. 6: Georgia. The Senator & Crue discuss it here.

NBC Sports: Mississippi State disassociates itself from booster and Ex-Vols WR Da’Rick Rogers confirms failed drug test led to suspension.

The Sporting News: Georgia coach won't say if Rambo, Ogletree will play against Buffalo. Wasn't this already a done deal? Why is CMR being so coy? Or is this Evil Richt? After an off-season getting an earful about how Mr. Richt runs a tighter ship than anyone else, something doesn't exactly jive here. Richt won't say if Rambo, Ogletree will play for Georgia. Money line: "Well, you know what, I don't know if there's anything etched in stone but we are handling it a little bit different this year," Richt said. "I guess I don't know if I can even say why. But we are, we're definitely handling it just a little bit different." You don't say!

Extra Feed

Spur of the Moment: Ward on why Legree is starting over Christian, and why his DBs are ahead of where they were at this time last year.

Leftover Hotdog: The LOHD boys are en fuego - Gamecocks Football: Vanderbilt By the Numbers by L.J.

Nashville City Paper: Commodores' defensive focus for South Carolina is clear.

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