Formation and Play Breakdown - Offense vs. UAB

The following is the play and formation breakdown for the UAB game. In this game we had less offensive plays than before but that does not really affect the play calling as you will see. As before I tracked the formations from 0 0 (0 RBs and 0 TEs) to 2 3 (2 RBs and 3 TEs).

The numbers prove that Spurrier strives for balance yet again and still complains about the lack of a run game/passing game. As it has been stated by others this has a two fold edge. On one side we are proving to teams that we can move the ball on both sides and they have to prepare for it but it also states that Spurrier is completely willing to move to one side or the other at a drop of the hat. This hopefully will keep us unpredictable down the line as we get into the more difficult part of the schedule.

Here we have the formation breakdown for the offense during the entire game. As you can see we shifted more heavily to the 1,1 formation from the 1,2 formation (leader in the ECU game). Another interesting note is that every play we ran had a RB on the field and therefore we always have a run threat and/or a threat for short dump off passes.

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The balance in this game was actually a lot closer than the ECU game but the increase of run plays in the 4th quarter helped this a lot. As you can see below the run plays in the 4th quarter actually exceed the passing plays for the first time since the Vandy game.

Again the 1st and 2nd quarters have a ratio that is the same as ECU. We run approximately a 4:3 ratio pass to run ratio in the first half of the ECU and UAB games. The y-axis is the quantity of plays.

The final graph is the formation breakdown and the corresponding pass and run plays called. Again if there were 5 or fewer plays called I did not include the formation on the graph. In our core formations we have quite a good balance but as you can see if we have 1 RB and no TEs in the formation we threw the ball 100% of the time. During the ECU game it was 80% in the ECU game, and this is something to pay attention to in the games.

Bonus Information

While the title covers just UAB below I have included the graphs for all the plays and formations for the first three games.

As you can see the ratio actually stays similar once again (even with the Vandy game included) in the first and second quarter.

Here is the overall formation breakdown so far.

This looks very similar to the games and nothing stands out.

And finally here is the formation breakdown represented by runs and passes.

Well I hope everyone found this interesting and as you can see on the final graph it astounds me how balanced we are across the board (except for the 1,0). I hope that you can use this information when you are watching the games and better understand our developing offense.

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