South Carolina 48 - East Carolina 10: Post-Game Open Thread & Some Attaboys

That kind of day: safeties Brison Williams (12) and D.J. Swearinger (36) celebrate a Williams' interception.

Congratulations Gamecock fans. We'll be breaking down the tape starting later this evening but for the rest of the afternoon we can all enjoy Carolina's big 48-10 win over the East Carolina Pirates.

Here are my five Attaboys:

1. Dylan Thompson. He made a few newbie mistakes (taking a couple of ill-advised sacks, and the fumble late in the fourth quarter after he had made third-and-long with his feet) but what can you say about 21-of-37 passes for 330 yards and three scores - not to mention some nifty footwork and a lot of moxy - in which he hit hit no less than 11 different receivers? And that's even with leaving some points on the field and a passel of dropped balls that should have been receptions. It won't always be so easy for the sophomore from Boiling Springs H.S., but you proved the coaches right, Dylan!

2. Jimmy Legree. The beautiful pick six in the third quarter broke the game open. There's still a lot to work on in the secondary, but Jimmy is stepping up to fill Akeem Auguste's shoes. I liked the way Jimmy pursued and played tough coverage against some very good competition. I'm sure our opponents will think they can exceed ECU's 333 yards, but we faced two very good QBs in Rio Johnson and Shane Carden (despite their 4 combined INTS) and East Carolina's two Justins - Hardy and Jones - have SEC-caliber skills. The defensive backs should still be proud as a unit and Jimmy gets a special Attaboy.

3. Marcus Lattimore. So Marcus had only 40 yards on 13 carries, and one TD (8 receiving yards), and likely many in the national media will start to write him out of the Heisman race. So what? It's clear he's not 100% making cuts - especially to the left. But he impressed me the most with his fearless and selfless blocking for his quarterback; he's a guy who did all the little things right today. Once we were up, there was no reason not to rest him. Marcus will continue to get stronger as the season progresses. Opponents who think he is a non-factor are going to be very surprised when it's their turn to try and contain # 21.

4. Rory Anderson. Impressive. 90 yards (long 51) and two TDs. He missed a couple of blocks, but the tight end from Powder Springs, Georgia had a great day.

5. The Wide Receivers. Notwithstanding a few drops, Bubba Spurrier's receiving corps showed out today, with two over fifty yards (Byrd, 81 and Ellington, 63) and three TDs. DL Moore had two TDs, but I was particularly impressed with Ellington's playmaking in the first half before the rout was on.

Who else deserves as GABA Attaboy?

What's going on around the rest of CFB that you're watching?

If you want to analyze the game, or the players, or the stats, feel free to post a Fan Post or Fan Shot!


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