Steve Spurrier's CCU postgame comments, via Google Translate

"Tug us with this last shot in the legs!" - Streeter Lecka

"Pharoh's a baseball player, and we know it."

OBC's postgame comments, translated to various languages and back. Source material.

Opening Statement:
(English to Bulgarian to English):

"We Coastal Carolina outmanned and outsized. I'm really proud of our guys, they played well. I knew it would end this way, I did not know that we would end up with 42 half. We scored each time and messed up once and our defense played very well, so we kept the ball back. Connor is the winningest quarterback here, his record is a little better than Todd Ellis too. So I must remind you that Todd, I did not know there were that many losses over the years. Kidding though. Obviously Connor played well early, we have a comfortable lead and then Dylan [Thompson] came in and hit some good. But again, the whole team played well. Coastal we wish the best in the playoffs and I think they are the Big South Champs. They should be commended for their conference to be Champs. Something I hope to do someday, and we are still alive this year, so we'll see what happens along the way. This is a clean, to get nine victories."

On playing a variety of players:
(English to Latin to English):

"You need to come from the game early in the season usually a major sports schools of the Peripatetics. Is incurred, by which the city is in, which is very seldom a sports game. 2010, I think the very first thing in Troy. The judgment seat of Troy's last, and we were able to empty the they pass away, run all, and every one to catch the ball. For example, to run and the ball in from the guys at him a pass-Williams were gain to distracted by, and for those that they do not satiety can sunder. For in this way to do what we, conveniently."

On Pharoh Cooper and Brandon Wilds:
(English to Hmong to French to English):

"Pharoh erupted when a tug to the center you can see the high tug guys hungry for her feet, and Everett Sands, you'll need all North halves and some to jump out of the way of guys jumped in you ankles. We already have a lot of guys Tug us with this last shot in the legs. Pharoh's a baseball player, and we know it. And all he has to run three or four times a game of two companies we jump. Pharaoh is obviously capacity. Brandon also has a set of tug. It is a tug can hit MASS back so he could play a role in the two next match three balloons. He said environmental tackle very well so it see a play tug."

On next week's approach to playing Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson:
(English to Haitian Creole to Macedonian to German to Cebuano to English):

"All in a way that Dylan saw from the Latter-third live. And Message, wait a minute, Conner loss we see in a second the revenue line on the NF meters and a 25 - yard strafe back into harmony . I say servant to us and see the truth, the CC will hopefully and Dan Conner third note and it is. CD and Hatton to something good game. Had a few games, high me something to happen so. Gene Premiership Team, we not flush men away. But it warned me again tube caves fourth deep. But to answer willing team, we offer our ninth game and make a few hopefully pregnancy to happen diesel this year."

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