Most important games (for me) to win in 2013

Ok, been thinking about the upcoming season with great anticipation so I just wanted to throw this red meat out for you fellow Gamecocks who bleed Garnet.

First of all, every game is critical and I truly feel in my gut that this could be the year to win it all, and I don't think that I am being too delusional. So I will have to say that losing to Clemson or UCF or even Coastal, provided we Win the SECCG that may spring board us to the title game even with a loss or two would trump my choices. However, saying that.......

Here are my choices and reasons, of course BCS CG/ SECCG would be number one priorities so this may sound a little crazy.

1. Beat Clemson, 5 in a row baby, we keep winning the State and good things will happen. Actually in my demented brain we could go 1-12, but if we took Clemson down this year, I'd still feel pretty damn good. Hell that would just hurt that much more! So, provided we do this, and I think we will It's going to be a damn good year, (at least to me)

2. Beat Georgia, Oh yeah, between the hedges again and tear em up. Would be great for recruiting that state, cause I got the feeling that the dawgs still think they're waaay better than us. Send Murray out with all the Georgia records, including losing to us 4 in a row....hah! And though there are some good dawg fans, overall I'd have to say they are the most obnoxious I can think of. Clemson fans are down right polite compared to them in general in my opinion. woof woof woof!! 1-12 with this win would salvage my year too, I know.....I'm crazy.

3. This was tough but I'm going with the battle of the Carolina's over Florida. First, it is the battle of the Carolinas and I want to win it. Just because they're North Carolina and this used to be a storied rivalry. Also they're ACC and we could get some excellent recruits from that State. I'd also be embarrassed to lose to them. I know, I know non conference game.

4. Florida. (Move Tennessee here purely for personal reasons see below) Gotta make amend for that U G L Y game last year. They're our biggest east rival behind GA. Florida's got some of the best prospects in the country also. It's a big game but should we lose I wouldn't be totally crushed. It kind of be like the LSU loss last year. Bad yes, but not unexpected and their fans don't bother me. Hey, HBC's a Gator!

5. Tennessee. I F'ing hate The University of Tennessee..... Actually move them up to number 3! I hate Rocky Top, I hate Smokey, I hate Phillip Fulmer and I HATE ORANGE. I swear I've personally attended more damn Tennesee games in the past to see us lose in the last F'ing minute than any other home games. Almost happened again last year too! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART MR CLOWNEY!!!!! Their fans suck too, as evident of there boorish habit of running their mouths and chest beating in the bars after the super close wins. 1 step below Georgia fans, but at least I like red. Hopefully they will be lost in sea of despair for many moons to the HBC. BTW I do love the state.

6. Arkansas.....Soooooeeeeeh! Their fans suck, and they're generally obnoxious, and this is coming from me and South Carolina bona fide redneck. Plus hiring that turncoat POS Petrino says a lot about their school's top dudes AD, Pres, etc. Do some research on this guy and he make Kiffen look ok. I'm a little surprised they fired him. Their fans were pissed about that....go figure. Nuff said.

7. Vandy. I like Vandy, but it would be like getting beat up by your little brother. They're also a East rival. I'm actually proud of their baseball team. They are really really good this year. Not to mention you have to be a brainiac to get into Vandy. So good for them, just don't lose to them!

8. Missouri, nothing against Missou, but they're an east rival now, and....the new kid on the block. I hope they beat Kansas every year. (I'm old school war between the states on that) I reckon so.

9. Kentucky, sure we need to beat them, and they ALWAYS seem to play us tough. Navy tough. Always liked there fans and pull for their bball team in the tourney. Cause we never seem to be in the running. However I hope Martin and Kansas State are butts to the top in bball. (way off subject) Btw that critical game a couple of years ago we lost the them....WTF, who IS COVERING RANDALL F'ING COBB IN THE END ZONE!!!

10. Mississippi State. Blow them out, I don't want to hear the cowbells.....AT ALL.

11. UCF. This is a Trap game for us. They were pretty good last year, and we're playing them at their house. They'd love to put a feather in there cap with a win over the mighty SEC. Watch out.

12. Coastal Carolina......I know it ain't gonna happen, but if they beat us, I'd be proud for them. Didn't they used to be USC coastal? Anyhow, that be like getting whipped by your little sister. Embarrassing as hell, but she's family and you'd be proud for her. Talk about an Epic party at the beach! Besides we could always blame it on looking ahead to Clemson!

1. Alternate, National Championship Game!!!! IT COULD HAPPEN.

2. Alternate, SECCG. Oh yeah! However HBC might retire on that one.

3.Alternate, Bowl Game against Ohio State or Michigan. I think they have a superiority complex vs us. 3-0 vs OSU or 2-0 vs Mich would be sweet. However I'd never rank it above beating Clemson or Georgia THIS year.

On a side note..... Congratulations Marcus Lattimore with the niners! A really good man from my hometown of Duncan. He'll talk to anyone at the Gas station. I can attest to that personally. Very humble and sincere nice guy. He's going to be great in the NFL in time. The best Goal line back I've seen since Earl Campbell.

I'd also like to give a Shout out to Taneyhills Mullet for his most excellent post "The 2012 Clemson Experience" Its well worth a re-read. One of the most exasperating win for us and crushing experiences for any Clemson fan! hahahahahahah. Fear the thumb Tiggers!

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