Final Cockdown: #25 Kadetrix Marcus

I wasn't expecting to find this good a Kadetrix Marcus picture. - USA TODAY Sports

The junior from Stone Mountain, GA is a candidate to replace DJ Swearinger at starting free safety.

Kadetrix "JJ" Marcus
Junior Free Safety
6'1", 195 lbs.
Stone Mountain, GA

3 stars, #39 safety in the 2011 class
Other offers: Clemson, Maryland, NC State, Ole Miss, Purdue, South Florida, Stanford, Tennessee, West Virginia

College Career:
Despite avoiding a redshirt as a true freshman, JJ has yet to see much meaningful playing time. After a handful of appearances in 2011, he played in all but one game in 2012, mostly in a special teams capacity but also backing up Brison Williams at boundary safety. Kadetrix takes both halves of that whole "student athlete" thing to heart—he was named the SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll during the fall and took home the Outstanding Weight Room award during the spring.

2012 Stats:
12 games played, 5 tackles

2013 Outlook:
You've probably spent the offseason pestering your neighborhood psychic with questions about the new starters on Carolina's 2013 defense. If that psychic's any good, she probably mentioned Kadetrix at some point. She probably said, "I'm seeing Kadetrix Marcus competing with TJ Gurley for the starting role at boundary safety." And she's spot on, as it appears it's JJ vs. TJ for the starting boundary safety role. Wammy Ward said after Friday's opening fall practice that Marcus has a slight edge. That's no surprise, considering Kadetrix won the Most Improved Defensive Back in spring camp.

One of two players I drunkenly engaged with when a wedding I was attending was occupying the same hotel ballroom area as the NUC All-World Bowl in Charleston. Let me tell you, the name "Kadetrix" is hard to register when you've had a few. I'll take you to the scene:

[Jorge De Los Gallos gingerly walks through sea of recruits, notices one in USC sweats.]

Jorge: Hey man, yer goin' to USC! Whazyername?

Kadetrix Marcus: Kadetrix Marcus.

J: Cataracts?

K: Kadetrix.

J: Card Tricks?

K: Kadetrix.

J: Chris Rix?

K: Hey, that guy over there's going to USC too.

J: [turns to other player] Hey man, yer goin' to USC! Whazyername?

Damiere Byrd: Damiere Byrd.

J: Jimmy Earbuds? Hey is Clowney here?

Possible Todd Ellis play-by-play call:
"Tajh Boyd takes the snap, he'll drop back, but now springs forward—it's a designed run! He gets around the edge, and BOOM! JJ Marcus was on a beeline for Tajh, and he levels him for no gain! Folks, Tajh Boyd was looking for gold, but the only thing he learned from this treasure map is that Kadetr-EX MARCus' the spot!"

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