Athens: A Youtube Trip Down Memory Lane

The land between the hedges has been relatively accommodating to the Gamecocks over the years. We've suffered some body blows for sure, but Athens hasn't been the House of Horrors that is Knoxville, Gainsville, or Baton Rouge. And for PTSD reasons that should probably never be mentioned, I always feel better about our prospects at UGA than Fayetteville.

I realize, of course, that the players suiting up Saturday afternoon couldn't care less about the history. Doesn't matter - the 90,000 or so paying customers do.

For your viewing pleasure, some highlights from past Athenian triumphs:

1993: Taneyhill and Co stun a befuddled Ray Goff (editor's note: the words befuddled and Goff are redundant) with Brandon Bennett's iconic end zone plunge. Georgia came into that game flying high off a 10-2 season. Eric Zeier, perhaps the SEC's best QB, was handing off to future NFL MVP Terrell Davis. Only Ray Goff could screw that up. Personal note - I watched this game from the rec room of a drunken Georgia booster. He almost puked on his Georgia G carpet and then threatened to throw his replica Herschel Walker Heisman Trophy through the TV (you can buy a Billy Simms replica Heisman for just $999). Unfortunately, he did neither.

2001: Phil Petty to Brian Scott sealed an ugly affair that came out 14-9 in favor of the Cocks. Despite my best efforts, I could not find a video, but you can see the pic and read about it here. Nobody has this on VHS tape? Somewhere? At any rate, the 2000 win in Columbia, considered a fluke because of Quincy Carter's unsurprising incompetence, was confirmed as legit with 2001's triumph.

2007: Corey Boyd! Jasper Brinkley! And finally, some uniforms we're not ashamed of. Watching the Gamecock fans go bananas always makes me smile.

2011: The victory in 2011 was probably my favorite to date. It featured our last positive memories of Stephen Garcia to Alshon, Melvin Ingram's freakish athletic ability, and Jadeveon's coming out party.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

- Hey Clemson fans - lay off the UGA guy. We vividly remember this.

- Funny how fans remember seasons. I get the sense that UGA fans remember 2012 as a batted ball away from a national championship. Perhaps they should remember it as one lucky bounce from going 0-3 against decent teams.

- Mark Richt has alligator blood. That man knows a hot-seat when he sees it and I fully expect the Dawgs to come finely tuned.

- I remember reading somewhere that the Georgia offense scripts the first 15-20 plays. So, fellow Gamecock fans, even if they drive the field for a quick opening score, let's keep it cool. We got this.

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