Pro Day In Beat Writer Photos

A picture of JD Clowney. - Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina Pro Day, up close and personal (from the sidelines)

It's a busy day at Williams-Brice Stadium, as sports media and NFL personnel have descended on the stadium to catch a glimpse of Jadeveon Clowney and the rest of South Carolina's draft hopefuls in their native habitat. Gamecock fans are #blessed with a fleet of dedicated beat writers from regional publications who will stop at nothing to bring you captivating and real-time social media updates.

As long as they do it from the sidelines, some fifty yards from where much of the action is occurring.

Scott Hood, writer for Gamecock Central, was on those sidelines bringing us helpful pics at a shocking rate. Let's take a look:

Here we see probably Victor Hampton ready tp run the 40. I guess the "tp" means toilet paper, and we should ready some TP because this 40 will be so good we'll all soil ourselves. Anyway, really great photo here, and let's hope they fix that massive sinkhole that seems to be swallowing the west stands. NEXT!

Here is a three-cone drill, which we can assume is true insofar as there are three cones in the shot, although the photo was captured while the person doing the drill was obscured by a bunch of selfish and thoughtless scouts. But they're all looking in one direction, presumably at the drillee so just assume he's back there, drillin'. NEXT!

I like this one. We have Clowney doin' stuff, makin' a cut of some kind while a bald man yells at him. But the distance issue rears its ugly head. Maybe turn that sucker (the phone) horizontal? That way, you capture more of the important action and less of the, you know, great swaths of grass and stadium.


But Hood did nab this nice peak-action shot of JD:

Great pic if I do say so myseeeoohgod that is a hairy arm.

Greenville News' Willie Smith pitched in with this one:

Hell yeah, great stuff. Great picture of Spurrier, and the guys he's talking with, and some media people, and maybe Donovan McNabb, and a bunch of players on the right, and an incredible amount of grass in the foreground, and the stands in the background, and actually Spurrier himself takes up <1% of this photo doesn't he. Either way, horizon is actually pretty straight so there ya go.

I had to get in on the action, folks. I'm no beat writer, so my access is a bit more limited. Hope you enjoy:

Pretty obvious to me Jadeveon Clowney's ready to create chaos in backfields on Sundays. Good form, excellent effort. This photo should be in every burgeoning D-lineman's locker.

If you got any next level pro day photos, we encourage you to post them in the comments section. Only the best ones, please.

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