2014-15 South Carolina Gamecock basketball schedule

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The current status of the Gamecocks' 2014-15 basketball schedule, for those curious as to who we'll play before the university officially releases the information in September.

Below you can find the current status of the South Carolina Gamecock men's basketball schedule, as of July 1, 2014.  The schedule does not include all opponents and includes almost no dates at this point, due to a lack of public information on these topics.  Once we learn more about what teams the Gamecocks play, we'll pass that information along here.

The NCAA allows teams to play either 29 regular season games, or 27 games plus one multi-team tournament (with up to four games), for a total of 31 games.  USC participates in the Charleston Classic this year, so they'll be playing 31 games (3 games in the bracket, and one other game, much like they played Akron twice in "tournament" games this year).

The Gamecocks currently seem set to face a rather challenging non-conference slate.  In November, South Carolina plays in a three-game tournament in Charleston, SC.  At the moment, the field includes three other programs  from major conferences - Miami (FL), Penn State, and Southern Cal - although none of those teams fielded particularly good squads last season.  The field also includes Akron and Cornell, along with Drexel and Charlotte.

Outside tournament play, Carolina's schedule has other challenges waiting.  Oklahoma State, Clemson, and Baylor all come to Columbia next season, each of whom put together very competitive seasons last year (with the Big XII schools making the NCAAs, while Clemson made the semifinals of the NIT).  The  Gamecocks also face a tricky trip to West Virignia to play Marshall.  The Gamecocks announced in May a trip to Brooklyn to face the Iowa State Cyclones on January 3, 2015, likely their last non-conference game before conference play begins in early January.

In SEC play, the Gamecocks continue to face Georgia in a home-and-home series (for basketball purposes, they are permanent rivals), and add Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee as home-and-home opponents, a somewhat difficult draw, especially given the Hogs' improvement last season.  With Tennessee in transition and Alabama losing Trevor Releford, the other match-ups could be worse, although they won't be nearly as favorable as a series against someone like Mississippi State.

In its other eight games, Carolina hosts Florida, Mississippi State, Missouri, and Texas A&M.  The Gamecocks travel to play Vanderbilt, Auburn, LSU, and Ole Miss.  This season marks the end of the 14-team SEC's first rotation through its new scheduling format.  It will be interesting to see if changes are made before 2015-16.

The full sketch of the schedule is set forth below, with the 2013-14 Ken Pomeroy ranking in a parenthetical next to each team.  With 27 games announced below, there remain four dates to fill for the Gamecocks.

2014-15 South Carolina Gamecock Basketball Schedule
SEC Games
Home Away
Date Opponent Date Opponent
TBD Alabama (92) TBD Alabama (92)
TBD Arkansas (52) TBD Arkansas (52)
TBD Georgia (72) TBD Georgia (72)
TBD Kentucky (11) TBD Kentucky (11)
TBD Tennessee (7) TBD Tennessee (7)
TBD Florida (3) TBD Auburn (129)
TBD Mississippi St. (208) TBD LSU (58)
TBD Missouri (78) TBD Ole Miss (84)
TBD Texas A&M (121) TBD Vanderbilt (112)
Non-Conference Games
Home Away / Neutral
Date Opponent Date Opponent
TBD Baylor (25) TBD Marshall (251)
TBD Clemson (50) Jan. 3, 2015 Iowa St. (Brooklyn) (21)
Dec. 6, 2014 Oklahoma St. (26)
Charleston Classic (Nov. 20, 21, and 23)
Teams Include
Akron (141) Cornell (341) Miami (69) Penn St. (82)
South Carolina (114) Southern Cal (163) Drexel (134) Charlotte (178)
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