FO - Sidney Rice: What Could Have Been?


A nice read on the Gamecock great, and I did fine reading it until the fourth paragraph, where they mentioned Sterling Sharpe and Robert Brooks, and then I just got very sad. On a completely unrelated note, I used to referee rec league basketball in Columbia, and one afternoon got assigned to a girls basketball game coached by Sterling Sharpe, staring his daughter. Two things stand out for me from this game: 1) You forget how huge professional athletes are until you're near them. Sterling Sharpe played WIDE RECEIVER, a position that affords opportunities to some of the smallest men on the football field, and he dwarfed me. And I am not a small man. 2) It was not hard to figure out which of the 10 children on the floor was related to Sterling Sharpe. His daughter was comically larger than the other players.

This out-of-context vine of Steve Spurrier is hilarious and hypnotic


Following South Carolina's annual media golf event last week, Steve Spurrier took some time to answer questions about the Gamecocks' chances of making a run at an SEC title in 2014. As he often does, the Head Ball Coach spent some time explaining how he'd rather take things one game at time instead of getting fixated on one or two opponents. He recalled his early days in Columbia and how one of his first acts was to rip down the "Beat Clemson" signage in the locker room. Taken out of context, his comments are hilarious and strangely hypnotic. I didn't realize that Spurrier had hired Tobias Funke as a speech writer.

Busta Anderson, Shon Carson on track to play in opening game


According to the Head Ball Coach, Busta Anderson and Shon Carson should be available week one against Texas A&M. The bigger news here is Anderson, who it was initially feared could miss the 2014 season with a torn triceps. More recent reports suggested his recovery was going well enough that he'd be available at some point in the fall. Now, it would seem Anderson will avoid missing any playing time.

Stephen Garcia is doing a Reddit AMA


Stephen Garcia is doing an AMA (AMA = internetspeak for "ask me anything") on Reddit. You might be hard-pressed to come up with questions though. After all, he had a pretty unremarkable career and his time at Carolina concluded in a neatly-packaged farewell that offered little in the way of controversy. He's going to start answering questions at 2 p.m. EDT, so you'd better hustle if you want to get yours in.

Frank Martin's top five Pitbull songs


Frank Martin announced that he was taking questions on Twitter today, so I asked the only basketball question that I am qualified to ask. His answer leaves me with questions I didn't know I had about Pitbull's career trajectory. Has he been toning down the bad words to appeal to a wider -- dare I say worldwide -- audience? Are either of these two songs that Dr. Pepper commercial? OK, I've exhausted my Pitbull knowledge. Thanks for reading this.

New Gamecock football cleats for 2014


Though @GamecockEquip has trolled South Carolina fans by tweeting fake chrome helmets in the past, these new Under Armour Blur cleats appear to be legit. Blur is an existing line of Under Armour cleat that can be seen here getting the garnet-and-black treatment. So how do we feel about these? Would noted Under Armour cleat critic Connor Shaw approve?

Spurrier to Jesse Palmer: Dylan Thompson is not as pretty as you


OK, let's take stock of what has just transpired. Spurrier threw some serious shade on Palmer for the amount of attention he devotes to maintaining his good looks by calling him "prettier" than Dylan Thompson. Here, "pretty" is distinct from "attractive" in that it qualifies his appearance with a degree of femininity. While perhaps not the most forward-thinking insult Spurrier has ever dished out, this is still highly effective shade in the context of a 69-year-old man comparing two football players. In a single stroke, both Palmer and Thompson can consider themselves knocked down a peg, and that's why what Steve Spurrier does should be considered art.

Gamecocks arrive in Hoover


No word on why it's considered a reward to travel to Hoover, AL, but the SEC is a weird place with weird rules. Also, as someone who normally doesn't mind flying, not sure I'd be thrilled on that plane. Coverage coming once the guys take the microphones.

Dylan Thompson, A.J. Cann, and J.T. Surratt are on their way to SEC Media Days


Not pictured: Steve Spurrier. Is the Head Ball Coach riding shotgun or flying the damn plane? Or did he arrive in Hoover early to get in a round of golf before the Gamecocks' 10 a.m. media session?

The Rubber Chickens present Dabo Swinney's watch list


Our Friends at The Rubber Chickens Blog have unearthed the only watch list that truly commands your attention.

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