The Head Ball Coach

Steve Spurrier speaks after final spring practice

Steve Spurrier talks about his trip to Augusta, Ga. for The Masters and reveals that the off-the-bench pass-catcher will be a local celebrity. He didn't have much to say (or to be asked about, apparently) regarding the football practice that just happened.

HBC's Post-Practice Comments, via Google Translate

"Well known starter is not important at this time."

Spurrier nicknames TE after Burt Reynolds show

The Head Ball Coach's method for remembering the names of some of his players offers another window into his unique psychological makeup.

Steve Spurrier regrets he cannot attend your wedding


A couple sent Steve Spurrier a save the date for their August 16 wedding. Coach seems to respond in his autograph that he cannot attend, but leaves himself some wiggle room. Props to the HBC for recognizing that he should inform the couple as soon as possible that he won't make it so they can save money or send invitations to the "alternate" guests. Kudos to this woman for both inviting Spurrier to her wedding, as well as scheduling it for two weeks before football season. August 16 leaves you time to get married, have a honeymoon, and make it back to Columbia in time for our August 28 kickoff against Texas A&M.

Spurrier reveals identity as interstellar war lord

The Head Ball Coach reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a CLASSIC April Fools prank.

S.C. assembly passes resolution honoring Spurrier

The South Carolina General Assembly did a good job of writing down some things that Steve Spurrier has done recently.


After all, Spurrier's always been the master of backhanded compliments

The South Carolina Recruiting Constellation

HBC's got a strategy.

HBC's signing day presser, via Google Translate

"We are very happy with these players and arrows."

Spurrier hails top 10 ranking, wins over Clemson

At halftime of the Carolina basketball team's game against Ole Miss, Steve Spurrier gave the fans and recruits in attendance a nice summary of the 2013 football team's accomplishments.


BOT Approves Raise for Spurrier

Ball Coach grows ever richer.

The Steve Spurrier Butthead Cup

Adventures in weird eBay finds.

Spurrier responds to Dabo's BCS bowl comment

The best thing about Dabo saying something ridiculous is that Steve Spurrier is almost certainly going to react to it.

Jeff Long subtweets Steve Spurrier

The Arkansas athletics director and College Football Playoff selection committee member took to Twitter to throw some serious shade at Steve Spurrier for laughing off Jadeveon Clowney's most recent speeding ticket.

Steve Spurrier's weekly press conference

During his press conference on Tuesday, the Head Ball Coach updated the media on Mike Davis' health, opened the floor for debate on a proposed nickname for the South Carolina-Clemson rivalry, and coined the phrase "summertime talk."

HBC's Postgame Comments via Google Translate

Spurrier's postgame comments, translated to various languages and back to English.

Steve Spurrier approves of your efforts

This picture of Steve Spurrier turned up on Twitter after the Gamecocks finished off a 19-14 win against Florida. It's worth examining more closely.

Steve Spurrier's Sunday Teleconference

Steve Spurrier updated the injury situations of Jadeveon Clowney and MIke Davis and appraised his team's performance in their 19-14 win over Florida.


Spurrier's Tuesday presser, translated and back.

Because the Internet.

Steve Spurrier's weekly press conference

Coach Spurrier spoke about injuries, the challenges presented by Florida's defense, and whether or not losing to Vanderbilt is disgraceful.

Steve Spurrier is firmly against hazing

When it comes to hazing, Spurrier says, "I don't believe in any of that crap, none of it."

Steve Spurrier's Sunday teleconference

Steve Spurrier spoke about the performance of the football team in Saturday's 34-16 win over Mississippi State, Mike Davis' injury, and whether he might still be coaching when he's 80.

Spurrier: Shaw still sick, Wilds might be ready

Steve Spurrier's weekly press conference was uncharacteristically unremarkable, but the Head Ball Coach did provide a pair of updates on two of his most important offensive players.

Spurrier: Win over Mizzou was 'meant to be'

Despite his protestations to the contrary, Mike Davis did suffer a minor foot injury, and Connor Shaw was suffering through a stomach virus on top of everything else.

Postgame interviews: Players, coaches react to win

Gamecock players and coaches react to their emotional double-overtime win in Columbia, Missouri.

Spurrier Press Conference: Injuries, Player Safety

Steve Spurrier offered updates on the injury status of Bruce Ellington, Skai Moore, Chaz Elder, Ronald Patrick, and Cody Waldrop. He also had some ideas about how to improve player safety.

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