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NCAA Realses 16 Regional Host Sites

The NCAA released the regional hosts for the 2011 NCAA baseball tournament. South Carolina will be hosting along with Florida and Vanderbilt from the SEC. The ACC led all conferences with 5 hosts. The NCAA will release the entire 64-team field on Monday along with the top eight national seeds.

2010 College World Series Odds

The Gamecocks were given a 20.3% chance of making it to Omaha and a 1.8% chance of winning it all. H/T: CT

Morris: Coastal commits no crime

Once again Ron Morris misses the point entirely. Most fans are mad because Coastal allowed people to buy 90 tickets (not exaggerating) right after CCU qualified to host the Super Regional. What is one person going to do with 90 tickets? Right, scalp them. Either A) CCU knew it didn't have enough fans to fill their own stadium and wanted to vindictively gouge USC fans or B) they were too stupid to enact a per person ticket limit. Either scenario is unforgivable. I don't blame CCU for wanting to ensure their home field advantage - they've earned it. But letting a singular person buy 90 tickets to a high-demand game is just asinine.

Did Coastal Carolina Coach Gary Gilmore Steal Ray Tanner's Girlfiend?

Check out these weird comments by USC baseball coach Ray Tanner when asked about Coastal Carolina coach Gary Gilmore. One can only imagine if the "commonality" those two shared was blonde or brunette. Comments start at the 3:28 mark.

Baseball RPI Update: May 4, 2010

This week USC moves up 4 spots to 14th in the College Baseball RPI. That's good enough for 3rd in the SEC behind Florida (2) and Arkansas (7). Coastal Carolina dropped out of first to 6th. Clemson is somehow right ahead of Carolina at 13th, even though Clemson dropped a game to Florida Gulf Coast over the weekend and has a record of 27-17. Go figure.

What's happened on Opening Weekend

For those college baseball fans out there, this link provides a pretty good update on the goings-ons around the nation. Yahoo! may dedicate an entire section to the subject, but it still took me a good bit of digging to find anything substantive. Quickly, what USC fans should know: Alabama won its season opener vs. Southeast Missouri State, but dropped games two and three. Ole Miss (#12) won its season opener vs. Liberty (coached by former Gamecock coach Jim Toman if I'm not mistaken), but lost it's next two vs. Mercer and South Alabama. Florida (#11) won its first two against Louisville and tied the third. Of course USC won its first two against Duquesne with the third scheduled for noon on Monday. Oh yeah, and Clemson (#20) swept it's three game series with Charlotte (barely).

Told you this was a rebuilding year

The coaches rank us fourth in the SEC East in baseball, which is probably about right. Everything about these rankings is pretty bland, actually.

A good way to send out the Sarge

South Carolina record average attendance? Check. South Carolina record total attendance? Check. No. 6 in the country for attendance? Check. Good football fans? We've got pretty good baseball fans, too.

Extension for Ray Tanner

Tanner's been good for us. Yeah, some more postseason success would be nice, but South Carolina's still got a national profile in baseball -- unlike any other sport.

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