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The Picks, Week 7

This has become the hardest part of the 2007 season: Trying to choose who will be upset and who will manage to survive. It might actually be better to take your chances with the monkey and the dartboard.

Now the picks.

No. 1 LSU at No. 17 Kentucky
The Bayou Bengals are good enough to go into Kentucky and beat them. Kentucky is good enough to take advantage of a down week by LSU, following the emotional win over Florida, and pull the upset. Unfortunately for the Cats, LSU is just better. LSU 35, Kentucky 21

No. 2 Cal vs. Oregon State
The Golden Bears have to be careful and not go on autopilot against the rest of the Pac-10 as they prep for the showdown with Southern Cal. It might happen some week, but not agains the struggling Beavers. Cal 40, Oregon State 24

No. 3 Ohio State vs. Kent State
I thought we'd played all these games already. Ohio State 41, Kent State 3

No. 4 Boston College at Notre Dame
Notre Dame should keep their arrogance intact. But nothing else. BC 48, Notre Dame 14

So whom does he root for?

No. 5 USF v UCF
Battle of the directional Floridas, with a ranked team ripe for an upset. But after a scare at Florida Atlantic, they should get it done. USF 34, UCF 23

No. 6 Oklahoma v No. 8 Missouri
I've dropped upset alerts, because everyone is alert at this point. Yes, it's about time for the Tigers to get Pinkeled. But I don't think it happens. Time to go out on a limb. Missouri wins. Missouri 24, Oklahoma 21

No. 9 Oregon v Washington State
One thing has become dependable this year. The outcome whenever Washington State plays a big team. Oregon 42, Washington State 14

No. 10 Cincinnati v Louisville
So tempting. Soooo tempting. But I continue to think that Louisville's defense might be the worst one to ever take the field. Ever. Cincinnati 48, Louisville 31

No. 11 Arizona State v Washington
If this game were at Washington, I might be tempted to go with the Huskies. But it looks like it's going to take one of the big boys of the Pac-10 to take down Arizona State. ASU 35, Washignton 24

No. 13 Southern Cal v Arizona
Southern Cal doesn't get upset twice in a row. If it does, then go ahead and give SMQ credit for calling it: The dynasty is dead. It lives for another week. The Other USC 48, Arizona 21

No. 15 Virginia Tech at Duke
No explanation needed: The Hokies beat the Ole Miss of the ACC. VT 31, Duke 3

No. 16 Illinois at Iowa
The Zooker heads into a trap game against an Iowa team that's been underachieving for basically the entire millennium. That makes it interesting, but not interesting enough for the Hawkeyes. Illnois 23, Iowa 21

No. 18 Kansas v Baylor
Am I crazy enough ... ? No. Kansas 34, Baylor 3

No. 20 Wisconsin at Penn State
Another upset. You've got to call more than one at this point, and a humbled Wisconsin limps into Happy Valley. Watch this game only if you have nothing else to do. Like sleeping. Because that's what you'll be doing if you watch this game. Penn State 10, Wisconsin 3

No. 22 Auburn at Arkansas
Revenge will spur the Tigers, who contine to show they have a pulse in the SEC West. Darren McFadden rushes for 175 yards, but once again loses anyway. Auburn 34, Arkansas 13

Remind me why I'm here again.

No. 23 Texas at Iowa State
What to make of Texas. I don't know. I do know Iowa State is a terrible team. Texas 24, Iowa State 12

No. 24 Tennessee at Mississippi State
A letdown from the romp over the spelling-challenged Dawgs keeps this one close, but the Vols pull it out in the fourth quarter. Tennessee 35, Mississippi State 28

No. 25 Purdue at Michigan
Purdon't re-emerges as Michigan tries to claw its way back into the Top 25. Michigan 35, Penn State 10