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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 7

1. LSU
Kentucky had a long week. LSU had a draining marathon with Florida. That's not to minimize what Kentucky did, but to justify the fact that LSU is still on top in a power poll because I believe they're the best team in the conference.

2. South Carolina
Still can't quite bring myself to call the Kentucky win a fluke, though many more performances like Saturday's by the Wildcats and the Gamecocks will cause me to flip these two.

3. Kentucky
Good, good team. Florida better be alert, or their SEC East dreams end Saturday.

4. Auburn
Yes, they set back offense in the SEC by 25 years with that grindfest. But they do what it takes every week. How much would they like to have South Florida or Mississippi State back right now?

5. Florida
They slip a bit, probably because of the bye. But this team needs to step up and make a statement in Lexington, or it could be a long walk to the end of the season.

6. Tennessee
Give the Vols the same credit you give Auburn: They seemed dead not a month ago. Now, there's not only a pulse, but lookee here: They control their own fate.

7. Georgia
Ugha is a bit more literal this year. Really? A rally to overcome Vanderbilt? With a last-second FG? After intercepting a boneheaded pass?

8. Alabama
Mal Moore would have been asking for a $3.99 million refund had the Tide not pulled it out Saturday.

9. Mississippi State
I kinda like this team. They could be bowl eligible. In 2007, why not?

10. Arkansas
Somebody text-message Houston Nutt a better game plan.

11. Vanderbilt
They scare me as a South Carolina fan, but they're the team always falls short. I hope they do the same Saturday, but they're going to bite somebody eventually.

12. Mississippi
How many ways can you say, "You suck"?