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SEC Power Poll, Week 7

1. LSU (13), 177 points
The tyranny of unanimity is broken! LSU is ... still No. 1.

  1. Kentucky (1), 152 points
  1. South Carolina (1), 152 points

[The first-place vote was Glenn at A Sea of Blue, so don't blame it on me.--ed]

  1. Florida, 141 points
  1. Auburn, 118 points
  1. Tennessee, 109 points
  1. Georgia, 80 points
  1. Alabama, 78 points
  1. Arkansas, 53 points
  1. Mississippi State, 47 points
  1. Vanderbilt, 36 points
  1. Mississippi, 27 points

The battle is now almost exclusively at the top. LSU manages to hold onto the top spot relatively comfortably after the defeat in Lexington. Kentucky leaps into second place, tying South Carolina and knocking Florida into fourth and Auburn to fifth. From there down, status quo.

Voters explain it all after the jump...

Looked like someone forgot to refill the gas tank on the (in the words of SMQ) high-octane, two-stroke genitals after the Florida game. No matter, as far as this poll is concerned; array of victories still much better than Carolina's or their recent conquerors--Jerry, Joe Cribbs Car Wash

Could go from #1 to forgotten in a few weeks if that passing game doesn't get its act in order--And the Valley Shook

Kentucky went from being "Oh, how nice. Kentucky might win 9 games" to "KENTUCKY IS A CONTENDER! REPENT! REPENT! THE 5th HORSEMAN THAT IS RICH BROOKS IS COMING FOR OUR SOULS!"--Tide Druid

That they did it without Little is the most amazing thing of all. Wait, except for holding LSU's line to zero sacks. That's not even amazing ... that's beyond it, like, finding out that unicorns are real, and that their horn keeps a store of Jim Beam inside or something--Jerry, JCCW

South Carolina
I have waited a long time to say that USC is one of the best teams in the SEC and it is entirely due to our defense. Attention USC Mr. Nix deserves a big time raise or SC risks losing him.-Flounder, Leftover Hot Dog

The Gamecocks are winning ugly, but they are winning. It's about survival, kids, not dominance.--Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars

Week off. Sissies.--Glenn, A Sea of Blue

Had a bye on Saturday, which means that as a Georgia grad, I am honor-bound to point out that they failed to win a game for the third straight week.--Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

Gutted out the most boring game ever. The Aubs worked a minor miracle by holding McFadden and the Hawgs to 67 yards rushing. Brad Lester helps, but the Aubs don't have the offense to win in Baton Rouge.--Quinton McDawg, Georgia Sports Blog

Auburn held Arkansas' vaunted running game to 67 yards -- the Razorbacks had been averaging 338....need we say more?--Flounder, LOHD

Handled a pesky Mississippi State squad. Probably shouldn't be this high, but it will be nice to laugh at them when they lose to Bama this weekend (did I just jinx us?).--Todd, Roll Bama Roll

Erik Ainge is freaky accurate this year. Color me worried (which is my normal face.... but with a worried expression).--Tide Druid

Terrible coaching against Tennessee and a lackluster effort against Vanderbilt.--Jeremy, Mississippi State Sports Blog

The Dawgs haven't played any really great games all year long, but we sure have played some kickass halves.--Doug, HJS

Well, at least they didn't LOSE to Vandy.--ATVS

The offense got clicking just in time for a disappointing showing from the defense (at least in the first half).--Todd, Roll Bama Roll

A gift on a bad call. Can it be true that this team still controls it's own destiny?--Glenn

I know Auburn is tough, but are they really that tough? With two of the best backs in the country, the Hawgs could manage only 67 yards rushing. It should make every college football fan mad to see McFadden stuck in that offense. It's like watching Secretariat pull a cart.--Quinton, GSB

A one dimensional team. I get really sad when I watch them play. Arkansas fans deserve better.--Jai, Losers With Socks

Mississippi State
I hope Croom makes a prestigious pre-New Years Bowl game like the one in ritzy Shreveport!!!--Jai, LWS

A bad team, playing above its ability. That portends well for the future, and speaks volumes about Sly Croom's coaching ability.--Newspaper Hack, Journo Rock

They are looking like the Vanderbilt of old. If they only had a quarterback who could get the ball to Bennett, they might win a game or two.--Glenn, ASOB

In the meantime, the title "Vandy of the East" is still firmly controlled by Vandy. Remember when Phil Steele said Vandy was going to be better than Kentucky? Remember when some of us believed him? Remember how I told you to never bet on any advice I have to offer?--Jerry, JCCW

Exceptionally talented WR group, and that Greg Hardy was their entire defense on Saturday. That kid is GOOD.--Todd, RBR

Fans threw stuff and a Bama assistant coach might have been punched in the face. AKA a normal day in Oxford for the Coach O.--Tide Druid