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SEC Power Poll, Week 5

1. LSU (11), 132 points

  1. Kentucky, 116 points
  1. Florida, 105 points
  1. South Carolina, 102 points
  1. Georgia, 89 points
  1. Auburn, 74 points
  1. Alabama, 63 points
  1. Arkansas, 55 points
  1. Tennesee, 48 points
  1. Mississippi State, 33 points
  1. Vanderbilt, 28 points
  1. Mississippi, 13 points

More from our voters, after the jump

1. LSU

I think they were looking past Tulane. Who wouldn't? -- Glenn, A Sea Of Blue

Considering how many good teams actually LOST to supposedly inferior competition on Saturday, I'll try not to read too much into the Tigers' shoddy performance against Tulane. -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

2. Kentucky

God help us all. -- Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars

Wins against Louisville and at Arkansas has established them as a good squad. Brutal upcoming stretch at South Carolina, vs LSU, and vs Florida could establish them as elite. -- And the Valley Shook

3. Florida

Linebacking corps is broke. Tebow's health is all that stands between them and the abyss. -- Glenn, A Sea of Blue

They're still a great team, but Auburn has now provided the rest of the world with a ready-made blueprint for beating them, and that blueprint will remain accurate until they find someone on offense other than Tebow and Harvin to make plays. -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

4. South Carolina

I know Mississippi State isn't a pushover any more, but you still let them get way too many yards for that defense we've been hearing about. -- Tide Druid

If Spurrier has finally found a QB who can run an offense the way he wants it run, look out. -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

5. Georgia

In this bizarro world, the Bulldogs are gradually making their way back into contention in the SEC East.--Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars

Bouncing back well from early loss to South Carolina. SEC East clearly up in the air at this point. -- And the Valley Shook

6. Auburn

Brandon Cox saved his best game when it meant the most. A great job all around for Tubs and his staff who always seem to play their best ball when everyone leaves them beaten and bleeding on the side of the road. The Aubs should creep up the poll for the next couple of weeks. -- Quinton McDawg, Georgia Sports Blog

Huge win in the swamp. I have them ahead of UGA because a win in Gainesville is still more impressive than a win in Bryant-Denny Stadium. -- Joshua, Vanderbilt Sports Line

7. Alabama

Set back against FSU; is it possible they've come back to earth after some early success to teams that don’t appear to be is good as advertised? -- Joshua, Vanderbilt Sports Line

Be patient, Tide fans. $4m a year is an INVESTMENT. -- And the Valley Shook

8. Arkansas

Your new head coach, Mike Bobo! Or Patrick Nix! Somebody put Houston Nutt out of his misery. -- Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars

9. Tennessee

They haven't been impressive this year, but a win over Georgia might quiet the Fire Fulmer talk...for at least a day or two. -- Joshua, Vanderbilt Sports Line

10. MSU

State is the most likely to finish the year at No. 12 in this poll if only because they can't keep a quarterback's body fully functional. This is the last opportunity for an easy win for State because the schedule is soon to become brutal. -- Quinton, Georgia Sports Blog

11. Vanderbilt

They're 3-1 but heading into a brutal three-game stretch against Auburn, Georgia, and South Carolina; it's getting pretty difficult for me to see how they're going to make it to bowl eligibility this year. -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

12. Ole Miss

Les bouledogues ont pris une morsure hors des rebelles! Orgeron est un cajun. Je ne peux pas trouver un anglais à la traduction de Cajun. -- Tide Druid

No, I don't know what it means. But if somebody goes to the trouble to comment in French, it's going to be included.