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The Picks, Week 8

After going a long time with updating the record, I do so again this week.

Actually picking the games has been a strong spot, particularly in a season this strange. I've gone a respectable 69-20, which to my mind is not bad for "The Year of the Upsets."

As for the score -- remember, I have to come within a TD of each team's final tally ...

Just like the season as a whole.

And now, this week's selections:

No. 1 Ohio State vs. Michigan State
This might be more competitive than you'd believe. But the Spartans are beginning their late-season slide, and the Buckeyes will get at least one more week in the ranks of the unbeaten. Ohio State 34, Michigan State 23

No. 3 LSU vs. No. 17 Auburn
This game is at LSU at night. LSU 24, Auburn 13

No. 5 Oklahoma at Iowa State
If Gene Chizik wanted to beat Oklahoma, he should have stayed at Texas he should have gone to Colorado. Oklahoma 54, Iowa State 6

No. 7 Oregon at Washington
Make no mistake: the Huskies are still a decent team. Not world-beaters, but a decent team. Oregon is ripe for an upset. But I can't pull the trigger. The Ducks escape ever so narrowly. Oregon 31, Washington 30

No. 8 Kentucky vs. No. 12 Florida
Florida is not about to fold like a deck of cards. Kentucky is coming off of a grinding game against LSU, and might be a touch overrated. This is a correction. Florida 24, Kentucky 21

No. 10 Cal at UCLA
Jeff Tedford is angry. His team is angry. UCLA is in the way. Cal 48, UCLA 20

No. 11. West Virginia vs. Mississippi State
Mississippi State is on the rise, and this is the day that they put it on display in an intersection match-up. But the Mountaineers pull away late. West Virginia 48, Mississippi State 31

No. 13 Kansas at Colorado
The dream ends today, as the Buffaloes upend the Jayhawks for their second shocker of the year when Kansas has a disappointing day offensively. Colorado 21, Kansas 13

No. 15 Missouri at No. 21 Texas Tech
Again, I'm voting against Missouri getting Pinkeled. If it happens again this week, then I won't pick Missouri for the rest of the year. At least until next week. Missouri 43, Texas Tech 41

No. 16 Southern California at Notre Dame
Let it ride! Nothing is sacred! It's the "Year of the Upset"! Notre Dame wins! Pete Carroll sends his resume to NFL GMs. (You realize this is insane?--ed I am in as much control of my faculties as I ever have been.) Notre Dame 21, Other USC 13

No. 19 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Wannstedt couldn't be Navy. What makes you think he can handle the Bearcats? Cincinnati 38, Pittsburgh 10

No. 20 Tennessee at Alabama
I badly want Bama to win this game, if for not other reason than it will boost South Carolina's dreams of an SEC East title. Won't happen. Tennessee 20, Alabama 13

No. 22 Texas at Baylor
It's Baylor. There is no such thing as homefield advantage. Texas 43, Baylor 3

No. 24 Virginia at Maryland
The Cavaliers face team that ... well ... is about as much a threat as any other team in the ACC. At least for Virginia. Virginia 14, Maryland 13

No. 25 Michigan at Illinois
Ron Zook loses a game he should lose. Michigan 35, Illinois 24