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Lousville-Connecticut referees named to panel

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush today named the officials in the Louisville-Connecticut game to a commission meant to ensure his administration's anti-terror measures do not violate Americans' civil liberties.

"These fine Americans will make sure that our intelligentsia professionals are able to perform their duties without undue interference while still safeguarding the rights of Americanisians," the president said.

Bush said the officials first became candidates for the post after their much-noticed call on a would-be fair catch by Connecticut.

But Bush said another, less-noted special-teams call that went the Cardinals' way made the decision an easy one.

"It's obvious that these referees will pretty much let our CIAs and FBIs do whatever they believe needs to be done to protectorate our nation," Bush said. "But their presence should assure the American people that any violations of their civil liberties are being observed, even if nothing is done about it."

For once, the president wasn't the only one confused by something.

Upon hearing of the appointment, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was "disappointed" that the referees accepted.

"I was hoping they would sign up for a role looking for unwarranted earmarks in the federal budget," she said.