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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 8

1. LSU
First of all, stop beating up on Les for his decision to go for the TD. It was gutsy, and if the clock was run properly or his players had the appropriate urgency, that call would not seem as boneheaded as it did. Did anybody else hear Mike Patrick say at one point that Les Miles was going to "roll the dice" by putting Ryan Perrilloux in?

2. Florida
Took the lead and controlled Kentucky from there. South Carolina and Georgia look like the only challenges on the schedule and, well, after the last few weeks ...

3. Auburn
Here's some boneheaded coaching: A squib kick when a FG can beat you? You don't challenge a crucial, bad spot with two timeouts left? You then don't use said timeouts to stop the clock while the other team bleeds it dry? They could be No. 1 this week; instead, they're No. 3, as Tuberville gets overtaken as the SEC's boldest riverboat gambler. (Les Miles, not Ryan Perrilloux.)

4. Kentucky
All of that, and their most likely scenario at this point is a New Year's Day bowl. Not that that's anything Kentucky will sneeze at.

5. South Carolina
Talk about a season falling apart. The loss at Vandy better make them angry enough to beat some superior foes. If not, they're done.

6. Alabama
So was that an anomaly or have Saban and Co. awaked the Bear?

7. Georgia
Blasted by Tennessee, beating Vanderbilt by three -- not that the Gamecocks did that or anything -- and now the Florida game. The spelling-challenged Dawgs' season could be decided in Jacksonville.

8. Tennessee
Offense's song: "Georgia on My Mind." Defense's song: "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

9. Vanderbilt
They could actually go to a bowl game. This year, why not?

10. Mississippi State
Let's face it, anyone from Tennessee down also would have been horsewhipped by the Mountaineers.

11. Arkansas
"Mr. Nutt, Texas A&M is on Line 1."

12. Mississippi
They're named after Confederates. And they're playing like the Confederacy circa April 1865.