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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 9

1. LSU
What can I say anymore? They're not the unstoppable 800-pound gorilla anymore, but they're also the class of the conference.

2. Auburn
How the h*ll did this happen? The early losses got better with age, and the only other loss is to the top team.

3. Alabama
I'm not sold on this team being this high yet, but everyone else has questions. Huge "probationary status" tag on this one.

4. Georgia
So, is this the team that beat Florida or got waxed by Tennesee? The one that lost to South Carolina or clobbered Oklahoma State? (I feel compelled to point out here that I am incredibly disappointed in Mark Richt, whom I've always seen as a classy guy despite my disdain for his team, for not only endorsing but encouraging that display in Jacksonville. You're better than that, Mark.)

5. Tennessee
At home, they're about the third best team in the league. On the road, they're maybe the seventh. So this is a good average.

6. Florida
Ouch. Along with South Carolina, it looks like a season that began with dreams of an SEC East championship will end with nothing better than an early New Year's Day bowl.

7. South Carolina
Won half the game against Tennessee. Unfortunately, half-games don't count.

8. Mississippi State
I'm sorry, Sly, and I think everybody in the SEC owes you an apology. You've actually got a decent team.

9. Kentucky
Old: Andre Woodson will win the Heisman, make them a contender. New: Andre Woodson's tendency to turn the ball over is killing them.

10. Vanderbilt
Bowling? Vanderbilt? Let's not get ahead of ourselves; this is the team that missed a bowl a couple of years ago because it lost to Middle Tennessee State. But the elusive promised land is within reach.

11. Arkansas
Nuttistan licks its wounds, pounds a helpless mid-major as it prepares for a showdown with South Carolina that should be a comedy of errors.

12. Mississippi
There are 12 teams in the SEC? Oh, well, I guess if you count Ole Miss...