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SEC Power Poll, Week 9

1. LSU (13), 167 points
Not quite unanimous anymore.

  1. Auburn, 139 points
  1. Georgia, 135 points
  1. Alabama (1), 129 points
  1. Florida, 106 points
  1. Tennessee, 98 points
  1. South Carolina, 80 points
  1. Kentucky, 73 points
  1. Mississippi State, 62 points
  1. Arkansas, 46 points
  1. Vanderbilt, 42 points
  1. Mississippi, 15 points

The turmoil in the conference is giving our voters heartburn. Except, of course, for LSU and Ole Miss, which all but a few seem to be sold on as the best and worst team in the conference, respectively.

Consider: Tennessee beat South Carolina which beat Kentucky which beat LSU which beat South Carolina which beat Georgia which beat Alabama which beat Tennessee.

Or, in the words of Quinton McDawg over at Georgia Sports Blog:

"Every week this ballot gets harder and harder. So, LSU crushes Mississippi State, who beats Auburn, who beats Florida, who crushed Tennessee, who crushed Georgia, who beat Alabama, who crushed Tennessee, who beat South Carolina, who beat Kentucky, who beat LSU. The conference is exciting, but volatile."

Got a headache yet?

The net effect, though, could be captured by the comments of Glenn over at fellow SB Nation blog A Sea of Blue:

"This league is eating its own."

More explanation after the jump...

1. LSU

LSU fans can go ahead and reserve rooms in Atlanta.--Flounder, Leftover Hot Dog

If one loss in triple overtime on the road to a SEC opponent keeps them out of the BCS NC game, the SEC needs to take Dan Wetzel's advice. The early week spread for the Bammer game is LSU by 7. I can't wait for the LSU/Bammer game. No commercials, no mercy. LSU will roll. Am I the only one who thinks that LSU could beat the Saints?--For Jai, by Taco Bell Soft Tacos, Loser With Socks

2. Auburn

Take perhaps the best defense in the league and a senior leader at quarterback and what you have is a very physical and rugged team that won't wow anyone but they are darn hard to beat. It isn't pretty but they seem to do just enough on offense to win games. The Tuberville old school grind it out attack seems to be working pretty well these days.--Scott, Orange & Blue Hue

I'm just not sold on Auburn. We'll see when the Tigers play Georgia.--Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars

This was an odd game. Auburn had 400 yards of offense, yet only led Ole Miss by a TD with 3 minutes to go in the game. I know Tubby didn't want a complex offense for Saturday, but you have to put the ball in the endzone when you rack up that much yardage.--Tide Druid

3. Georgia

That was such an emotional, hard-fought win over Florida that we're probably going to need a last-second field goal to beat Troy this week. However, I'm too busy carrying Knowshon Moreno's children to give a crap.--Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

They are finally showing that they are not all bark and now control the SEC East.--Flounder, LOHD

4. Alabama

If I'm LSU, I'm scared [poop]less about the game in Tuscaloosa. The Tigers have been skating on some very thin ice the last few weeks, while Bama seems to finally be hitting their stride, particularly on offense -- and you know Saban is not at all above striking some kind of deal with the Prince of Darkness for a win.--Doug, HJS

Can Nick Saban pull this off? He's had two weeks to prepare for a signature win. Bama isn't as talented as LSU, but this is a game Bama can win, but John Parker Wilson must stand tall in the face of what will be relentless pressure from LSU's D-line.--Quinton, GSB

5. Florida

Can't win with one hand tied behind Tebow's back. Urban Meyer looks like he's trying to outsmart the opponent on every down, but so far has only outsmarted himself. For God's sake man, recruit a fullback!--Todd, Roll Bama Roll

Guess the spread offense doesn't matter much when Nick Saban's niece could run for 200 on that D.--And the Valley Shook

6. Tennessee

The Vols are like Robert Patrick in "Terminator 2": No matter how many times you shoot them, impale them, or blow them to smithereens, they just. Won't. Die.--Doug, HJS

Fulmer is hanging on by a thread at this point. Good win from a seasonal standpoint, but they still have some weaknesses that could be exploited by Vanderbilt or Kentucky.--Tide Druid

They controlled their own destiny a few weeks ago, let it all slip away, and are back to controlling their own destiny again after almost letting it all slip away mid-game. What a ridiculous year.--ATVS

7. South Carolina

The SEC is a bundle of comparable teams and the good news is that South Carolina is as good as any. The bad news is they can play as bad as any of them also. The Gamecocks have squandered the best defense in the Eastern division by pairing it with an erratic offense.--Scott, O&BH

The Gamecocks showed some true grit in coming back and almost pulling off the upset in Knoxville. It's just a shame the team didn't show up in the first half.--Newspaper Hack, Journo Rock

"Mr Fulmer, would you like to donate to the 'Thank you Ryan Succop for missing that relatively painless overtime Field Goal and therefore allowing for me to retain my position as Head Football Coach at the University of Tennesee along with my all expense paid membership to the Jelly Donut of the Week Club.' Will you be giving one million or two?"--Erik, Deep South Sports

8. Kentucky

The MSU loss was pitiful and I know because I am a Carolina fan and we lost to Vandy.--Flounder, LOHD

Woodson can kiss every award and NFL draft position he was so routinely mentioned in conjunction to earlier in the year goodbye.--Todd, RBR

9. Mississippi State

The Bulldogs are a game away from bowl eligibility. I never saw that coming. I thought they would continue to improve but given the loss of their starting QB in the second game of the year, this is the surprise team of the year.--Scott, O&BH

Lame Wildcats + Motivated Bulldogs = Beat down in Lexington.--Glenn, ASOB

Getting "Croomed" starts to lose its meaning when Coach Crooms is on the verge of a bowl season. I hear Shreveport smells beautifully in mid. December.--Erik, DSS

10. Arkansas

Dead coach walking.--Newspaper Hack, Journo Rock

Ate a cupcake. DMac only gets 61 yards, but 4 TDs. This weeks game against the Cocks should match the excitement of the Auburn game, meaning as fun as watching two cinder blocks thrown at each other repeatedly until they turn to powder.--Quinton, GSB

Nutt's boys haven't beat anybody with a pulse, however the Hawgs could easily win the next three over UT, USC and MSU. Does 8-4 save Nutt? Doubt it.--Erik, DSS

11. Vanderbilt

A win over a mid major non-conference opponent and Vandy is almost to .500. It truly is a year of parity in the SEC.--Scott, O&BH

If there was a game for the MAC to pull one on the SEC (beside Bama-Northern Illinois, natch), it was this one, but Vandy held tough.--Newspaper Hack, Journo Rock

By God, they're a game and a half outta first!!!!--ATVS

12. Ole Miss

Years away from being a true contender.--Scott, O&BH

One play from the redzone against Auburn. Result: Brent Shaffa picked off in the endzone. Ole Miss has as many conference wins as they do mascots, Zero. This team is about as effective as the Iraqi Republican Guard. The 0 said last week he is in the third year of his 5 year plan. Is selling chicken on a stick at Chevron the goal of Coach 0's 5 year plan?--For Jai, by Taco Bell Soft Tacos, LWS

Brent Schaeffer come off the bench in Jonathan Moxon-esque fashion to lead the Rebs down the field in the second half for the tying score!?! Not quite...Schaeffer moves the ball brilliantly for sixty yards only to throw a boneheaded m. effin' pick in the endzone. Haha! Touchback. Auburn touchdown. Game over: 17-3. Status Quo. Moral Victory??? You're damn right. Auburn didn't cover the spread did they, a-hole?--Erik, DSS