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BlogPoll Roundtable 3.3

My Opinion on Sports -- perhaps the most eloquently and simply named blog of all -- hosts the latest BlogPoll Roundtable.

Questions and answers as follows.

The Battle for #1 – USC and LSU are separated by one vote in the AP poll. We made the switch in last week’s blogpoll by putting the Tigers in our top spot. State your case for who should be the top team in the country.

Well, let's see.

One team embarrassed Mississippi State (not as bad a team as you might think) by a score of 45-0 in Starkville, demolished Virginia Tech 48-7 and dominated South Carolina en route to a 28-16 victory. Least impressive wins? Middle Tennessee State and Tulane.

The other team defeated Nebraska 49-31 and beat Washington 27-24, though both times on the road. Other than that, they beat Idaho and Washington State.

I think the first resume is easily, easily more impressive than the second. At the end of the season, the Trojans might be No. 1. But at this point, they haven't proven it.

The Bayou Bengals celebrate GBA's appraisal of them.

Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, Texas and Rutgers were all upset this weekend. Of those teams, who has the best shot of getting back into the national title hunt?

Oklahoma and/or Florida. After last year, Florida is going to get the benefit of the doubt if they finish up with one loss and are jockeying with another one-loss team for a shot at the crystal football. Oklahoma could also get in, particularly if Florida falls again this weekend at LSU and the Sooners beat Texas.

West Virginia and Rutgers are hurt by the Big East's performance over the last two years after the expectations that followed the 2006 Sugar Bowl. And Texas just had too many close calls at the beginning of the season, unless they're the only one-loss BCS-league team standing (which I find unlikely).

Looking at the current AP Top 10, who is grossly overrated and who should be in there that isn't?

Even though I've got them there, I'm looking more and more skeptically at Wisconsin. So many near-losses, so many questions. Eventually, they'll get tested and we'll know. But they'll need an impressive win over Illinois to stay in my Top 10 next week.

I've got no serious disputes with who's in -- its more a question of order -- but I think that Arizona State might find itself in the Top 10 before it's all over. Again, not saying they have a legitimate claim to be there right now, but they might be there at the end of the season.

What is the worst coaching mistake you’ve seen this season?

Mike Gundy's explosion. Not because of what he said -- though the way he did it was out of line -- but because the infamous temper tantrum (and, whatever his gripe, that's what it was) took all the attention away from the fact that his team had just stunned Texas Tech. He should have been focused on building on that win, not settling a score with a columnist whose opinion only mattered if his team let it get to them. And if they did, that falls at least partially on the head coach as well.

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