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SEC Power Poll, Week 6

1. LSU (15), 180 points
Unanimous, unanimous. The Tigers are kings.

  1. Florida, 159 points
  1. South Carolina, 151 points
  1. Auburn, 125 points
  1. Kentucky, 120 points
  1. Tennessee, 114 points
  1. Georgia, 85 points
  1. Alabama, 77 points
  1. Arkansas, 67 points
  1. Mississippi State, 45 points
  1. Vanderbilt, 28 points
  1. Mississippi, 19 points

Note the tiers that are beginning to emerge. LSU is on its own. Then it's a scrum between Florida and South Carolina. Eleven points separate Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee. Georgia nips Alabama by eight points, with Arkansas only 10 behind the Tide. Mississippi State is between worlds, 22 behind the Hogs and 17 ahead of the 'Dores. Then it's Vanderbilt and Mississippi battling for the bottom.

Pollsters, explain yourselves after the jump.

1. LSU

"Not even the chosen one could stop them!  No, these Orcs are born of earth and fire and they feed mercilessly on the sorrows of Southern Cal.  Resistance is futile." -- Erik, Deep South Sports

"Prevailed in a magical night for Tiger fans. USC loses and the place erupts, spurring the Tigers to victory over the hated Gators. Plus, they got to hurl obscenities loudly at Tim Tebow which were then broadcast nationally. But rest lightly, Tiger fan, the way this season is going, anyone can be beaten by anyone else at any time." -- Quinton McDawg, Georgia Sports Blog

2. Florida

"Mel Kiper, your job is to start talking up Tebow and Harvin as No. 1 and No. 2 in the 2009 draft right now. Because I do not want those two around for two more full seasons, no sirree." -- Jerry, Joe Cribbs Car Wash

"Despite all the anti-gate propaganda that I spew, the gates when not in jail or court, might beat LSU on a neutral field.  The operative word is might beat the Corndogs." -- Jai, Losers With Socks

3. South Carolina

"They didn't shut down Kentucky's offense, exactly, but they came way closer than anyone else has. I can absolutely see them beating Florida in a few weeks." -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

"Cocks have the second best record in my top four, but they haven't beat any of the above teams, and they certainly didn't play as well as Florida did down in Red Stick." -- Erik, DSS

4. Auburn

"Crushed the dreams of a UF team then crushed Vandy. I guess the alarm clock went off for the team." -- Flounder, Leftover Hot Dog

"Lester get ball. Lester run for touchdown. Lester good!!!! Yeah for Lester, boo grades." -- Tide Druid

5. Kentucky

"Uncharacteristic errors from Woodson makes me think last week was an aberration; with LSU and Florida coming up though, it might be awhile before we find out for sure." -- And the Valley Shook

"Ahem, I suspect that this is the same old UK, only with this year's version of Tim Couch. I miss Sweet Pea Burns." -- Jai, LWS

"Had the better team against South Carolina, but literally threw the game away with turnovers." -- Todd, Roll Bama Roll

6. Tennessee

"Where the hell did this come from?  The Vols pulled some defense out of their asses and went into the break up 28-0?  Could Coach 'Does less with more' be turning a corner?" -- Erik, DSS

"Phil Fulmer is proof that there is no telling what a wounded animal is capable of." -- Joshua, Vanderbilt Sports Line

7. Georgia

"Last year the loss at home against the Vols brought about a downward spiral that included losing to UT, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky in the same year. Will history repeat itself?" -- Josh, VSL

"Find me the Georgia fan who thinks that WASN'T the most wretchedly coached game of the entire Mark Richt era, and I will call him a liar. Then I'll punch him in the face. Then while he's on the ground, I'll kick him repeatedly in the groin, stomach, chest and other tender areas. That's how mad I am about that game right now." -- Doug, HJS

8. Alabama

"This team really showed their potential in the first quarter, and then the offense started floundering again, nearly giving the game away.  Until we can be more consistent in staying on the field to keep a thin defense fresh, and scoring at will against a defense as porous as Houston's, No. 8 is about right." -- Todd, RBR

"I repeat: four million a year, twelve games, $333,333 per game. Two losses for a total cost to the University of Alabama of $666,666. That cannot be a coincidence." -- Joel, Rocky Top Talk

9. Arkansas

"Thankfully the win-loss column doesn't matter for the Heisman campaigns of running backs." -- ATVS

"Sign No. 47 that your problems are not going away: fans begin to commission planes bearing derogatory banners to fly over the stadium during games." -- Joel, RTT

10. Mississippi State

"The Bulldogs could make a bowl game, which means we might actually have a team that wants to go to Shreveport." -- Tide Druid

"This may actually be too low. Losses to LSU and South Carolina are nothing to be ashamed of." -- Joel, RTT

11. Vanderbilt

"Yadda yadda yadda Earl Bennett yadda yadda yadda." -- ATVS

"Too bad Curtis Nickson's arm fell off in the offseason." -- Jerry, JCCW

12. Mississippi

"Well, they finally discovered how to play defense -- against Louisiana Tech. Congratulations, you guys are ready to play in the WAC." -- Doug, HJS