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The Picks, Week 11

Hmm. The college football season is already winding down. Now we actually sort of know something about these teams. Is the Season of Illogic done screwing with us? Or does it have one last sucker punch to throw at us?

To the picks...

No. 1 Ohio State vs. Illinois
I like Ron Zook's team. (File that under, "Things I never thought I'd say.) And I do think Ohio State is ripe for an upset. But it is Jim Tressel against the Zooker. C'mon. Ohio State 28, Illinois 13

No. 3 LSU vs. Louisiana Tech
I thought we were done with these. LSU 43, Louisiana Tech 6

No. 4 Oklahoma vs. Baylor
Don't blame the Sooners for this one. It's a conference game. It'll still be a blowout. Oklahoma 62, Baylor 13

No. 5 Kansas at Oklahoma State
Kansas is a good team! They're five! Go after them! Kansas 34, Oklahoma State 31

No. 7 Missouri vs. Texas A&M
The Aggies are playing out the string, with Fran likely to be gone within weeks if not days. Missouri has something to play for: the Big 12 North. Missouri 38, Texas A&M 13

No. 8 Arizona State at UCLA
The Sun Devils are licking their wounds, but UCLA is Dorrell-ific once again. I doubt the Bruins pull off this one. Close until midway through the third quarter. Arizona State 39, UCLA 25

No. 8 Boston College at Maryland
Is it just 2007? Is it just me? Or does every game look like a possible upset? BC 25, Maryland 18

No. 10 Georgia vs. No. 16 Auburn
First rule about this game: The visiting team almost always wins. Second rule about this game: Auburn is my second-favorite team; Georgia is my least favorite SEC team. Head can't beat heart on this one. Auburn 24, Georgia 10

No. 11 Virginia Tech vs. FSU
This was one of those games that had the ACC schedule-makers licking their lips when expansion take place. Too bad it's only a mildly intriguing game this year. And a defensive slugfest. Or a plodding offensive effort. Take your pick. Virginia Tech 16, Florida State 3

No. 12 Michigan at Wisconsin
Ah, the de facto Big Ten Championship Game that wasn't. Blame it on the Badgers, who have been anemic offensively and lackluster defensively. Remember, Michigan is still undefeated in the Big Ten. Michigan 22, Wisconsin 11

No. 13 Connecticut at No. 24 Cincinnati
Almost every week, Connecticut is supposed to lose because, hey, they're Connecticut. Almost every week, they win by one or two. Don't pick against them until they lose their second game. Connecticut 24, Cincinnati 23

No. 14 Southern Cal at California
Remember when the other USC and Cal were going to be undefeated? Remember when this was going to be the GAME OF THE CENTURY this season? USC 20, Cal 13

No. 15 Texas vs. Texas Tech
The Raiders score a lot. Texas scores a lot in the fourth quarter. Defense? Why do you need one of those? Texas 43, Texas Tech 42

No. 18. Hawaii vs. Fresno State
Competition for Hawaii! A living, breathing opponent! One that score and play ... well, what passes for defense in the WAC! Sort of! Almost! Hawaii 43, Fresno State 40

No. 19 Clemson vs. Wake Forest
First rule about this game: Wake Forest looks like world-beaters every time they play Clemson. Second rule about this game: I won't pick Clemson. Wake 17, Clemson 16

No. 20 Alabama at Mississippi State
The Bulldogs are better than you think. Bama's coming off a disappointing game. I think we have an upset, and the Saban-worship subsides for a week. Mississippi State 20, Alabama 17

No. 21 Boise State at Utah State
Halloween is over. Why are we still doing horror movies? Boise State 62, Utah State 0

No. 22 Virginia at Miami
The Cavliers are one of those teams that seems to plug away until they win. That doesn't fall short this week, but it'll bite them eventually. Virginia 20, Miami 19

No. 23 Tennessee vs. Arkansas
Darren McFadden is warming up. Tennessee controls its own destiny in the SEC East. Arkansas goes back to its pattern of running for 400 yards ... and losing. Tennessee 24, Arkansas 18

No. 25 Kentucky at Vanderbilt
The 'Dores have used up their upset magic. They'll get the sixth win. But not in this one. Kentucky 45, Vanderbilt 23