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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 11

1. LSU
As if facing LSU wasn't bad enough, now their opponents have to deal with the knowledge that most SEC fans are pulling for the Tigers to keep the crystal football in conference.

2. Georgia
I was wrong. And not just a little bit wrong. Bad wrong. And I'm blaming it on Moreno.

3. Florida
Don't get too psyched, Urban. Everyone who can run looks like a Heisman winner against South Carolina.

4. Tennessee
This is the kind of team that this poll does a good job of sniffing out. Not the best team in the SEC East, just the one best situated to go to Atlanta.

5. Mississippi State
Gulp. Don't screw this one up, Sly. I think you've got a good team. Could it be ... great?

6. Auburn
What, exactly, was that? Does Evil Richt have the ability to sap the life out of opponents' defenses?

7. Kentucky
Aren't great, and I don't even think they're very good. But the bottom is weak and muddled.

8. Alabama
I think Saban is just playing around right now. At least that's what it looks like.

9. South Carolina
If I talk about this too much, I'll need therapy. So let's just move along.

10. Vanderbilt
C'mon, Vandy, get to six wins. You deserve to go to a bowl more than South Carolina sans a Clemson win does anyway.

11. Arkansas
Not that good. McFadden just demolished a defense that couldn't stop Stanley Doughty.

12. Mississippi
Some say this team couldn't suck because it had a bye week. Not so! Orgeron can suck any time he wants to!