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SEC Power Poll, Week 11

1. LSU (12), 154 points
No. 1 in America, No. 1 in the SEC.

  1. Georgia, 143 points
  1. Florida (1), 129 points

[Roll Bama Roll stands strong]

  1. Tennessee, 113 points
  1. Auburn, 99 points
  1. Kentucky, 84 points
  1. Mississippi State, 82 points
  1. Alabama, 67 points
  1. Arkansas, 51 points
  1. South Carolina, 42 points
  1. Vanderbilt, 35 points
  1. Mississippi, 15 points

What's amazing here is that the Mississippi State Bulldogs have moved up to No. 7 in the power poll after starting out a near-unanimous No. 12. Soul-searching underway about whether it's really all that bad to get "Croomed" anymore. And while LSU rules the conference, the next three teams are all from the East. Is this a weakness in the West or just parity gone horribly awry?

Voters explain it all after the jump...

1. LSU
Eat a cupcake, go to the head of the class nationally. Not a bad gig.--Glenn, A Sea of Blue

It's all about "when you lose," and the Bengal Tigas lost early enough, therefore they are back on top after the Buck-staches' latest huge, embarrassing failure. By the way, did LSU really deserve to lose a triple overtime game? Should they really be punished as much for that kind of non-victory on the road, as, for example, losing by a touchdown to a 6-4 Cal team in regulation (Oregon)? Oh, by the way, LSU get just shy of 600 yards of total offense vs La Tech.--Erik, Deep South Sports

2. Georgia
Many of the LSU faithful are trembling at the possibility of facing Knowshon & Co in Atlanta. Wonder if Mark Richt would have a Bulldog eat a (baby) Tiger in order to get his team fired up?--And the Valley Shook

The Dawgs are looking good, but Tennessee owns the rights to Atlanta for now.--Glenn, ASOB

3. Florida
On the surface the Gators look like a well oiled offensive machine. Upon closer inspection though, Florida is still making the youthful mistakes that could cost them against a top defense. The wealth of young playmakers has allowed the Tebow and company to compensate for its trip ups with big plays. This team is pretty good but has a long way to go before they are playing to their potential both offensively and defensively (Oh God...ESPECIALLY defensively).--Scott, Orange & Blue Hue

It had to have been killing Steve Spurrier that Tebow wasn't on his sideline Saturday night.--Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

4. Tennessee
Will the real John Chavis please stand up?--Tide Druid

So much for that prediction the Hogs were going to run over them. Have to wonder if the fact that everybody and their brother made the same prediction had anything to do with their performance. Then again, maybe they're just better than I'm giving them credit for: I mean, they do have Ainge, and Foster's not a complete waste and Cutcliffe and Chavis mostly know what they're doing ... still, I think all three teams above them crush them if they play today.--Jerry, The Joe Cribbs Car Wash

5. Auburn
Their defense got shredded, that really shocked me. Won't matter in a couple of weeks, when Sarah Jessica John Parker Wilson tries to break Brodie Croyle's sack record.--Jai, Loser With Socks

If Texas A&M is still interested in bogarting Tommy Tuberville, that performance against Georgia probably knocked about half a million off their opening bid. As for Will Muschamp, his market value has dropped to about $1.99, at least among the segment of Bulldog Nation that had been clamoring for him to replace Willie Martinez. Does it make me a girl if I feel a little bit sorry for Brandon Cox, though?--Doug, HJS

6. Kentucky
This team seemed to be unstoppable while being led by a senior QB who could literally will his team to a win. Lately that myth has been shattered. The Wildcats righted the ship after 3 losses in 4 games but beating Vandy doesn't prove a return to prominence. If this team wants to be remembered fondly as more than a middle of the pack SEC team they need to show it against Georgia and Tennessee in the coming weeks. Win one and finish 4-4 in the SEC, win both and UK has a chance at a 10 win season and goes into the history books with a winning SEC record.--Scott, O&BH

Struggled through an ugly game in Nashville. Be glad it wasn't on your TV. UK needs to clean up its play before it runs the SEC East championship gauntlet in the next two weeks.--Quinton McDawg, Georgia Sports Blog

7. Mississippi State
Coach Croom seems like a decent guy but how has he won 6 games with that team? With Arkansas and Ole Miss left on the schedule they could win 8 games. Who in the world expected that? Winning out could put Croom in the running for national coach of the year.--Scott, O&BH

Yep, Miss. St.has had the sixth-best season-to-date in the SEC. If they beat Ole Miss--just Ole Miss--they will guarantee a finish better (via tiebreaker) than whichever Alabama school loses the Iron Bowl and almost certainly the team with the best backfield in America. Astounding. Do not ask for whom Croom's voice tolls, SEC fat cats; it tolls for thee.--Jerry, JCCW

8. Alabama
sigh That goal line turnover was a back breaker. Wilson was never able to get over that and just played like a duck out of water the rest of the game. A guy with 20+ games under his belt as a starter should realize that you NEVER throw the ball when you're not looking where you're throwing. No excuses for how the game turned out, but that play is 100% his fault.--Tide Druid

Sadly, we suck.--Todd, Roll Bama Roll

a couple points away from three more losses. This teem could very easily have been 3-7.--Erik, DSS

9. Arkansas
Just when you think they've got it all figured out, they go and put on a performance like that...AND TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES. As idiots.--ATVS

What was that? Listen to me, Nutt, run the ball. First and second half. Over and over. You may pass once every ten plays and then only play action to Monk. Don't be cute. You only have a few games left to listen to me.--Quinton, GSB

10. South Carolina
At least Bye Week won't be able to hang half a hundy on the Ole Ball Coach! [Don’t be so sure.--Brandon]--ATVS

It's getting to the point now where even Michigan State fans are looking at this team and going, "Wow, now THAT'S a late-season collapse."--Doug, HJS

11. Vanderbilt
Two dry trips into the red zone by a scoring-challenged team is never a recipe for success.--Glenn, ASOB

It's an uphill battle from here on out for the 'Dores. Their best shot at a bowl is probably against the Demon Deacons.--Tide Druid

12. Ole Miss
Two weeks aren't enough prep for the Oge to pull off a win against LSU.--Quinton, GSB

Jevan Snead, your white horse is ready. Paging Mr. Snead, your white horse is ready.--Jerry, JCCW