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SEC Power Poll, Week 12

1. LSU
A national championship ought to add another mil or two to the Michigan contract, right?

2. Georgia
Could be wrong, but I don't think you're going to Atlanta. A trip to the Sugar Bowl should be just as sweet, though.

3. Florida
What if Brandon Cox had been Evil Brandon? What if the Gators hadn't been psyched out by the spelling-challenged Dawgs' dance? A season of "what ifs" for Meyer's crew.

4. Tennessee
The third best team in the SEC East will likely end up in the SEC Championship Game. Hooray for inconsistency!

5. Auburn
Why not? Everyone else, except for Arkansas, either looked bad or is bad.

6. Arkansas
I feel sorry for McFadden. Houston Nutt? Not so much.

7. South Carolina
Everybody else has had their homer moment. This is mine. They didn't lose, which distinguishes them from the five below.

8. Mississippi State
If pixie dust was responsible for the recent success, it looks like the Bulldogs might have run out.

9. Kentucky
If it weren't for South Carolina and Alabama, this would be the most spectacular collapse in the SEC this year.

10. Vanderbilt
Ah, the old Vandy is back. Why couldn't they do that in Columbia?

11. Mississippi
Played LSU tough for a while. But that's not why they're No. 11.

12. Alabama
Nobody -- nobody -- in the SEC has lost to a non-BCS foe this season. Nobody except the coach with the big contract befitting the reincarnation of the Bear.