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SEC Power Poll, Week 12

EDITOR'S NOTE: I must apologize to readers for our fairly dismal turnout this week. Just nine voters managed to submit their ballots. Blame it on the holidays, blame it on the Louisiana-Monroe victory -- just one Bama voter mustered up the energy to send in his slate this week -- blame it on whatever. Just a warning and an apology. And extra thanks to those who did vote. Now, the poll.

1. LSU (9), 108 points
This much doesn't change: LSU is No. 1.

  1. Georgia, 98 points
  1. Florida, 89 points
  1. Auburn, 77 points
  1. Tennessee, 76 points
  1. Kentucky, 57 points
  1. Arkansas, 56 points
  1. Mississippi State, 46 points
  1. South Carolina, 35 points
  1. Vanderbilt, 25 points
  1. Alabama, 23.5 points*
  1. Mississippi, 11.5 points*

*Doug from Hey Jenny Slater split his last-place vote between Alabama and Mississippi.

Our voters explain afer the jump...

1. LSU

Surrendered almost 500 yards to ... Ole Miss!?! Play that game against Kansas in the BCS, and we'll see lots of records fall.--Glenn, A Sea of Blue

Alleged defensive "problems" probably less of a problem when a) opponent isn't worth preparing for b) offense is back to scoring 40 a game anyway.--Jerry, The Joe Cribbs Car Wash

2. Georgia

A game that shouldn't have been as tough as it was went down to the wire. Did UGA's defense step up or did the offense go fishing? Georgia is in a unique predicament. Should they beat Georgia Tech and UT becomes LSU's sacrificial lamb in the SECCG UGA could easily get a BCS bid. Should UGA go to the SECCG a loss probably puts Florida ahead of them for a BCS bid.--Scott, Orange and Blue Hue

Suffered inevitable letdown vs. quality opponent, fell behind 10-0, and won by two scores anyway after supposedly soft-spot defense holds Woodson and Co. to a FG in the second half. If they do indeed meet Hawaii or Boise St. in the Sugar Bowl, hellooooo slaughter.--Jerry, JCCW

3. Florida

Sometimes I watch UF and think that it is impossible for anyone to beat them.--Quinton, Georgia Sports Blog

Yeah, it seems so easy to beat a cupcake doesn't it?--Tide Druid

4. Auburn

Be vigilant Wingnut. Nick Saban is baiting the trap. Did he purposefully lose to the ULM Fighting Nutria? Nick Saban might open up the offense. I am pretty sure that he was just fucking around last week trying to lull the Barners into thinking that they suck. Saban knows that last year's Iron Bowl was pretty special. Last year's whipping on those barners for 3 out of 4 quarters at Bryant Denny was awesome to watch.--Jai, Loser With Socks

Take Auburn in the points and the game my friends.--Tide Druid

5. Tennessee

Needed a fourth-quarter FG (and a late miss by the opponent) to escape Vandy at home; meanwhile, over in Gainesville, the Gators were beating Florida Atlantic by the exact same score they beat Tennessee earlier in the season. Still think they're on track to be the worst SEC East champions in recorded history, though of course as a Georgia fan, I don't really have any right to be saying that.--Doug, HJS

Sitting on the precipice of history. An SEC title is the only title a SEC fans should really want..its settled on the field, every year and there is always a true champion.because the SEC is clearly superior. Defensive Coordinator John Chavis set to sacrifice a live feral wildcat ,on the sideline, during pregame warmups, in hope of slowing down UK's offense. Dicky Lyons has the name and the speed to kill...Dicky....--Jai, LWS

6. Kentucky

They want this game....very badly. Former Vol OC Randy Sanders hopes to offset Tennessee DC John Chavis plan to kill a live wildcat on the sideline ...during pregame...with his bare show all those blue wearing Kentucky folks that the Tennessee Secondary mean business, especially with 11 yard cushions!!!--Jai, LWS

Who was UK's quarterback, and what did they do with André Woodson?--Glenn, ASOB

7. Arkansas

The team is a reflection of its leadership – utterly schizophrenic.--Glenn, ASOB

On one hand, a handful of plays are all that separate Arkansas from being 10-1. On the other, after this past off-season, it's probably best for all concerend if Nutt walks away now anyway. (By the by: could wind up at 7-5 and bowl-bound ahead of possibly 6-6 Carolina and possibly 6-6 Tide basically only by virtue of SEC's weakest nonconference schedule. Boo.)--Jerry, JCCW

8. Mississippi State

MSU, having achieved its goal of bowl eligibility, has seemingly stopped playing defense and will simply await its bowl assignment as Casey Dick torches its secondary.--Quinton, GSB

Big letdown of a week for the Bizarro Bulldogs -- not only did they get klonged in Little Rock, but their win over Alabama was, to put it mildly, severely devalued. With a bowl bid ripe for the taking, however, I don't see Sly Croom brooding over this for too long.--Doug, HJS

9. South Carolina

Spurrier has two weeks to prep for Clemson. Two weeks to prep for ending Tommy Bowden's career.--Quinton, GSB

Feel safe knowing your title of "Worst Late Season Blow-up" has been taken away from you.--Tide Druid

10. Vanderbilt

Close but no cigar . . . . PART THREE!!!. Bobby, you gotta teach these guys how to close out games.--Scott, O&BH

Remember that episode of DuckTales where Scrooge's insanely lucky relative got cursed by Magica De Spell and became insanely UNlucky, so much so that Scrooge was able to predict that horrible things would happen as a result of his actions and used him to recover his No. 1 Dime from Magica? Yeah, me neither, but if I did, I bet that unlucky relative would remind me of poor cursed Vanderbilt.--Jerry, JCCW

11. Alabama

Words fail me. Even Shula managed not to lose to UL-Monroe, and he didn't need $4 million a year to do it, either. It's starting to look like Saban may not have any easier a time rebuilding this program than Shula or Dubose did.--Doug, HJS

Damn, four million bucks just doesn't seem to buy as much as it used to huh? I guess they call that "SEC inflation". In the week before Saban was chastizing a reporter who asked about what "backups" they would like to get in against ULM to which Saban replied they were worried about even winning the game. Take that REPORTERS, from now on I guess coach knows best.--Scott, O&BH

12. Mississippi

They never had a chance against LSU but at least Schaeffer got a chance to live up to the hype that he never attained. Like Lou Holtz says, you can't account for a running QB. Of course Lou also says things like "On this team, we're all united in a common goal: to keep my job."--Scott, O&BH

I wasn't expecting anything different. Still, the hotel theft was a nice touch.--Tide Druid