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Quick Friday Picks

I won't get to see many of the games Friday because of traveling and such. But here's some picks for the post-Thanksgiving fare.

No. 1 LSU vs. Arkansas
Possibly the strongest upset possibility of the day. (I don't see Texas A&M coming close to the Longhorns and I don't think you can consider either Boise State or Hawaii a commanding enough favorite to consider the outcome an upset.) Arkansas has McFadden and Jones, x factors who could take over the game. And the players might be fighting for Houston Nutt's job. Close, but still an LSU victory. LSU 30, Arkansas 26

No. 12 Texas at Texas A&M
As I said, this isn't likely to be very close. The Aggies probably won't get too much adrenaline from the idea of keeping Fran at his post, and Texas can hear the siren song of a longshot BCS bid. This one could be over by halftime. Texas 37, Texas A&M 13

No. 18 Boise State at No. 19 Hawaii
This should be one of the most intriguing, and potentially the highest-scoring, games of the weekend. Boise State's BCS hopes are slender, Hawaii's are legitimate. The Broncos have dominated the WAC in recent years, while Hawaii is still trying to convince the world it's real. Colt Brennan is expected to start for the Warriors, which should give them just enough firepower. Hawaii 58, Boise 49

Saturday picks come this afternoon, along with the final preview stuff for Clemson...