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SEC Power Poll Ballot

1. LSU
They would beat Arkansas nine times out of ten. Unfortunately for the Bengals -- and for anyone who wanted to keep the crystal football in conference -- Saturday was the tenth time.

2. Georgia
You can think that Tennessee kept the spelling-challenged Dawgs out of the SEC CG. I prefer to think that the Gamecocks did by giving them a loss that proved fateful.

3. Florida
This is a really young team. Yikes.

4. Tennessee
No, Phil, I'm pretty sure the NCAA won't let you borrow Peyton Hillis.

5. Arkansas
Houston Nutt beat the No. 1 team in the nation! Houston Nutt ... is fired?

6. Mississippi State
I'm honestly glad to see Sylvester Croom have a good season.

7. Auburn
For all of you who wondered if a team can have success without a functional quarterback, the answer is "sorta."

8. Kentucky
Sosososo close. But the 'Cats apparently had only one OT miracle in them this year. And Andre Woodson should really never try to scramble.

9. South Carolina
I try to never tell someone I hate them when I'm angry with them, because I probably don't really mean it.

10. Vanderbilt
Just couldn't come up with that sixth win.

11. Alabama
The only team more disappointing than the Gamecocks at the end of the year. How can I say that? South Carolina beat its directional Louisiana school.

12. Mississippi
Coach O, we'll miss you. Of course, writers always miss instant copy.