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SEC Power Poll, Week 13

This is an example of why one shouldn't complain if one doesn't vote. A few more first-place votes for LSU, coupled perhaps with a few third- or fourth-place votes for Georgia, would have kept the Bayou Bengals in the lead. But the votes are the votes. The SEC Power Poll will now go on hiatus until after the bowl season has played out.

1. Georgia (2), 90 points
Fewer first-place votes than LSU, but not punished like the Tigers were by some voters for the Arkansas loss.

  1. LSU (5), 83 points
  1. Florida (1), 81 points
  1. Tennessee, 75 points
  1. Auburn, 61 points
  1. Arkansas, 58 points
  1. Mississippi State, 47 points
  1. Kentucky, 44 points
  1. South Carolina, 30 points
  1. Alabama, 27 points
  1. Vanderbilt, 20 points
  1. Mississippi, 8 points

Voters, explain your final regular-season ballots of the year...

1. Georgia

Played well against a good defense, but then again the Dawgs own Georgia Tech. Tough night for Knowshon? No problem. Thomas Brown lit up the Jackets. Please, please, please give us Georgia and USC in the Rose Bowl.--Quinton McDawg, Georgia Sports Blog

Georgia got the win over their in-state rival and found out their season is over thanks to a UT win against UK. Could this be the pinnacle? Their best year in conference since 2005, they beat Florida for only the 3rd time in the last 18 years and beat in-state rival Georgia Tech to a current top 5 BCS ranking. However, the SEC East is still loaded with some of the best coaching in the country, Florida is very young and the streak against Tech might end up getting Gailey fired and replaced with someone competent!!!--Scott, Orange & Blue Hue

2. LSU

I know they lost, but they should still win the conference. LSU is good, they just aren't the overwhelming team they were at the start of the year. They've beaten the better teams they've played, but gotten upset in triple overtime by two teams they should have steamrolled. Tiger fans are ready to slit their wrists despite heading to Atlanta.--Quinton, GSB

The Tigers played progressively sloppier over the past month until they found themselves bit on the ass in painful and embarrassing fashion by the Arkies, and now they've kissed their national-title chances goodbye for the second time in three years. The good news for LSU fans is that now Michigan might decide they don't want to steal Les Miles after all; the bad news is, see preceding sentence.--Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

3. Florida

Yeah, you all thought I was crazy ranking Florida at number one these past few weeks, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?--Todd, Roll Bama Roll

Te-bow [TEE-BOWE] (noun): Greatest player alive against middle of the road talent.--Tide Druid

4. Tennessee

Did Fulmer silence his critics this year, or what's the deal with that?--The Hog Blogger

I may be disassociated from the "Bama hates the Viles" club, but I think Fulmer and company will beat LSU for the SEC Title.--Tide Druid

5. Auburn

How will this team look next year minus Muschamp? No way he won't be a head coach next fall.--Hog Blogger

Just like Mississippi State, the Teagles have won by letting you beat yourself this season. I'll be surprised if Al Borges is still around next season.--Todd, RBR

Tubby showed 'Bama you can't buy the Iron Bowl with $4 million.--Glenn, A Sea of Blue

6. Arkansas

This team needs more than a psychiatrist. It needs an exorcist.--Glenn, ASOB

[Written before official news of Nutt's retirement--ed.] Houston Nutt has led the Razorbacks out of a "Towering Inferno" disaster of an off-season to win eight games, including a road upset of the #1 team in the country. So I'm just going to come right out and say it: If Hog fans succeed in driving Nutt out of Fayetteville this year, they're dumber than everyone other than the Ole Miss AD who decided to get rid of David Cutcliffe.--Doug, HJS

7. Mississippi State

Croom had better hire some security. Ed O. is acomindagitim from the unemployment line.--Glenn, ASOB

Zook, Shula, and now Orgeron: SYLVESTER CROOM IS DEATH INCARNATE, BRINGER OF DOOM. I pity the Big 12 coach who has to go up against him in the Independence Bowl. (Now that I think about it, twenty bucks says it'll be Texas A&M interim head coach Gary Darnell.)--Doug, HJS

8. Kentucky

When is the last time a 7 win Kentucky team could be called a major disappointment? That's what happens when you start the year 6-1 I guess and have a Heisman touted senior quarterback. Oh well, it's back to basketball for Mildcat fans.--Scott, O&BH

Well, Wildcat fans, there's always next year. Wait, Woodson's a senior? OK, scratch that.--Doug, HJS

9. South Carolina

Bama's brother in the late season collapse department. Want to split the bill for post-season therapy sessions?--Tide Druid

Well this season could have been worse...I'm just struggling right now to try and imagine a worse scenario.--Scott, O&BH

10. Alabama

Saban will make Bama a power again, but it looks like the job may be bigger than Saban anticipated. First order of business: hire a competent quarterbacks coach. John Parker Wilson looks brilliant in one instant and lost for longer periods.--Quinton, GSB

Iron Bowl performance was a bit...anemic? (Sorry.)--Hog Blogger

11. Vanderbilt

Oh Vandy. Vandy Vandy Vandy. What are we going to do with you? Five wins. Five wins. Why can't you get past that five win hump and at least get bowl eligible? We were all pulling for you so hard on Saturday, but you just couldn't do it. Oh well, maybe next year...--Todd, RBR

These guys should really try to schedule out of conference foes they can actually beat.--Glenn, ASOB

12. Mississippi State

Orgeron should have been fired for that debacle, but what terrible timing. With all the other big name schools that will be looking for coaches (and all the smaller schools with up and coming coaches that will need to fill those vacancies) it's hard to imagine who they're going to have to settle for.--Todd, RBR

So long, Coach O, we hardly knew ye. I don't know who's saddest about Orgeron's firing -- football bloggers, fellow SEC West coaches, or northern Mississippi's Hummer dealers.--Doug, HJS