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Nix Firing Watch, Day 5

When events warrant, we update the Nix Firing Watch*, which will run either until Tyrone Nix is dismissed, leaves South Carolina or will obviously be retained.


Again, a slight decline, again sparked by a report that Nix could leave voluntarily to take the job at his alma mater.

A source tells WIS News 10 Sports that USC defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix has been offered the head football coaching job at Southern Mississippi.

The school, however, denies Nix has even interviewed for the job yet. Nix met with the Southern Miss athletic department Wednesday, but the school says it wasn't official.

This sounds slightly squirrely to me. "Not officially interviewing. Just meeting. To chat. About an opening in ou head coaching position. But not an 'interview' or anything."

And if you haven't "interviewed" someone, you can't actually offer them the job, right?

That said, I'm not ready to say Nix is USM-bound, for a couple reasons. First, the wording seems careful. He's been "offered" the job, but he hasn't accepted. Finally, we all know how these kinds of things get started in coach-changing season.

*This post and all others like it do not indicate that Garnet and Black Attack either supports or opposes the firing of Tyrone Nix. It is simply the probability, as best as I can surmise, that a much-discussed personnel change will actually take place.

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