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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 10

1. LSU
What can you say? They're the best. Long live the kings.

2. Auburn
Big game upcoming against the spelling-challenged Dawgs.

3. Alabama
Held their own until LSU once again showed up late in the fourth quarter, politely accepted the game from their latest victim, and then said "Goodbye."

4. Georgia
I still still still insist that this team is overrated. This weekend provides one opportunity for a fall.

5. Tennessee
Who are you and what have you done with the team that got 59 hung on it earlier this year?

6. Florida
The beast rustles. Will it awaken? And will it be too late?

7. Arkansas
Maybe the Nutts haven't entirely cracked under the pressure.

8. South Carolina
The good news? McFadden didn't break the conference record, he just tied it. The bad news? Pretty much everything else.

9. Mississippi State
Bowling? Mississippi State?

10. Kentucky
Could be set for a rally.

11. Vanderbilt
Least likely team of the top 11 to be bowl-eligible. But they've got a good shot of doing it.

12. Mississippi
Rebels fans, this is called "winning." You might want to try it out a bit more.