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BlogPoll Ballot, This Week

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU 1
2 Oregon 3
3 Ohio State 2
4 Oklahoma --
5 Kansas 2
6 Missouri 2
7 West Virginia 2
8 Boston College 5
9 Virginia Tech 1
10 Michigan 2
11 Connecticut --
12 Auburn 2
13 Arizona State 7
14 Texas 1
15 Alabama 1
16 Tennessee 1
17 Georgia 1
18 Florida 1
19 Clemson 7
20 Southern Cal 2
21 Illinois 2
22 Mississippi State 2
23 Kentucky 2
24 Cincinnati 2
25 Boise State 1

Dropped Out: South Florida (#13), Wisconsin (#20), South Carolina (#21).

2 Oregon
3 Ohio State
4 Oklahoma
5 Kansas
6 Missouri

The first tier and Missouri. Why did Ohio State move down two spots? Because the only reason to keep them ranked No. 1 was because they were No. 1 last week and won this past weekend. That doesn't make a lot of sense if LSU and Oregon's resumes are stronger even with the losses. And they are.

As for the Oklahoma/Kansas/Missouri knot, that will clear itself up in the course of the next few weeks. Congratulations to the rest of the country, which will likely get to see the Kansas-Missouri scorefest on ABC while the Southeast is stuck with UNC-Duke or some such lunacy. Mickey Mouse wants us to show regional pride!

7 West Virginia
8 Boston College
9 Virginia Tech
10 Michigan
11 Connecticut
12 Auburn
13 Arizona State

A collection of teams that have done some good and some bad. Boston College and Arizona State tumble because the "at least they're undefeated" argument no longer applies, and their overall resumes leave something to be desired. West Virginia's resume is slender, but their lone loss is forgivable. I can't believe I have Michigan this high, but who else do you put up there? And, no, Georgia is still not an option for the Top 10.

14 Texas
Personally, I'd be surprised if this lasted very long.

15 Alabama
16 Tennessee
17 Georgia
18 Florida

Ah, the SEC clot. Some of this will undoubtedly straighten itself out in the coming weeks. Bama's close loss to LSU actually makes it look better, and Tennessee appears to have found its footing. If Georgia beats Auburn, that will be the indication I need that the spelling-challenged Dawgs are on the way up, and they will move dramatically as a result. Florida-South Carolina should be a good test for the Gators.

19 Clemson
Can no longer justify keeping the Tiggers out.

20 Southern Cal
21 Illinois

Either would be an unranked team in any other year. Of course, you could say that about nearly anyone in the bottom half of the ballot.

22 Mississippi State
Yep, I'm sticking with them. Find a four-loss team with a more impressive list of losses (LSU, South Carolina, Tennessee, at West Virginia) or with two wins on the level of at Kentucky and at Auburn. Besides, this is the part of the ballot where, in a year like this, you take chances. If they beat Alabama, I look brilliant. If they lose, eh, it was a lark.

23 Kentucky
24 Cincinnati
25 Boise State

Don't ask me to justify these teams. They're the best of what was left over, and will likely cycle out by next week.