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Liveblogging the BCS Selection Show

8:01 p.m. There are 80 teams that could make the BCS!!!

8:02 p.m. Obligatory Dennis Haysbert Allstate commerical. Who wears a single-bar helmet anymore?

8:03 p.m. Hawaii makes it! Happy Samoans!

8:05 p.m. Colt Brennan: "The whole state of Hawaii" is going to the Sugar Bowl. Most of them could fit in the stadium.

8:06 p.m. Hawaii went from the 90s in defense to the 30s. Charleston Southern joining your schedule will do that.

8:10 p.m. Exactly how many endorsement deals did Pontiac sign to do the "Game Changing Performance" thing? They're on every network. At least I won't have to see that Colt David fake field goal that much more often.

8:14 p.m. 14 minutes, one team. Hooray commercials!

8:15 p.m. Southern Cal vs. Illinois in the Rose Bowl. One point for me!

8:15 p.m. (b) Wow! Color me wrong! West Virginia to the Fiesta Bowl. Who, exactly, in West Virginia can afford a plane ticket to Glendale? (Yay! Cheap Appalachian stereotypes!)

8:16 p.m. Kansas vs. Virginia Tech? Kansas? With the 109th most difficult schedule?

8:21 p.m. Georgia vs. Hawaii. Two points for me.

8:21 p.m. (b) Right again! LSU is in the title game.

8:22 p.m. We goin' to the ship??? Is that what the LSU players are saying?

8:23 p.m. Please be crazy Les.

8:24 p.m. "We have a new rival in (expletive) Ohio State!"

8:25 p.m. 51 days again! It's a travesty! "Are you going to do anything differently?" they ask Tressel. One would hope.

8:26 p.m. "The merit of our season" should have been looked at, Richt said. Would that be losing at home to South Carolina or get smashed by three TDs at Tennessee?

8:27 p.m. Jimmy Johnson's head is as big as a plane!

8:29 p.m. Snap analysis: Missouri got screwed. It seems that Arizona State didn't get enough votes to keep it in the Top 14, which is interesting. Either that, or the Fiesta Bowl changed its mind. Or maybe Kansas was automatically eligible. All of that can be figured out later.

How do the games look?

NATIONAL TITLE GAME: No.1 Ohio State vs. No. 2 LSU
Could be a good game, if LSU is still banged up and Ohio State has come up with a way to handle that SEC SPEED!!! Of course, they have a 51-day layoff. Yeah, LSU will have a 30-something day layoff, but that's something we shouldn't talk about.

FIESTA BOWL: Oklahoma vs. West Virginia
I don't know what to think of this game right now. It should be competitive; both are pretty good teams. Oklahoma, though, should avoid any strolls down memory lane while in Glendale.

ORANGE BOWL: Virginia Tech vs. Kansas
This could get ugly. Expect the most dominating 10-3 game you've ever seen, with the Hokies holding the ball for 48:22.

SUGAR BOWL: Georgia vs. Hawaii
Remember the last time Georgia faced a gimmicky offense that had no business in the BCS? Yeah. Georgia should be a heavy favorite, but there are no guarantees. Hint: Watch the other team's film this time.

ROSE BOWL: Southern Cal vs. Illinois
THE GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME WHEN NOT INJURED faces the Illini. The Trojans probably have a fast enough defense to keep up with the Illinois offense. But one of the original 2007 Southern Cal skeptics -- that'd be me -- still isn't sure that they're playing as well as everyone says they are.