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Nix Firing Watch, Day 12

When events warrant, we update the Nix Firing Watch*, which will run either until Tyrone Nix is dismissed, leaves South Carolina or will obviously be retained.


Nix has withdrawn from the coaching search at Southern Miss, a move that raises all sorts of questions.

Tyrone Nix will not be returning to his former school.

The South Carolina defensive coordinator has withdrawn his name from consideration for the head-coaching vacancy at his alma mater of Southern Miss, USC media relations director Steve Fink announced Wednesday. ...

Spurrier was supportive of Nix's decision to interview with his former school, saying recently he believed Nix had a "good shot" at the job.

"He'd be an excellent head coach at Southern Miss. He went there, played there, coached there and has a lot of experience," Spurrier said. "I always want to see my assistant coaches move up."

First, we need to know why Nix withdrew his name. Generally, doing this is a face-saving way to lose the job, because you don't technically get rejected. With the search continuing well after Nix's interview, one has to wonder whether South Carolina's DC was seeing the writing on the wall.

The second angle on this is whether Nix consulted with Spurrier before walking away from USM. If Nix got some sort of assurance that he would remain DC if he didn't go to Southern Miss, that could have sealed the deal if Nix thought he wouldn't get the job in the first place.

But Spurrier's quote is interesting in that it could be seen as dovetailing with rumors that Nix has been "encouraged" to seek other opportunities. It's possible that, by withdrawing from consideration for Southern Miss, Nix was either nodding in the direction of another potential employer (though none has been identified or rumored) or trying to keep his star from dimming any further from the questions that future suitors would have if Nix's alma mater didn't want to hire him.

All of this, though, is speculation, so it's difficult to say with any certainty whether Nix is more or less likely to be fired when Spurrier figures out what his coaching staff will look like in 2008.

*This post and all others like it do not indicate that Garnet and Black Attack either supports or opposes the firing of Tyrone Nix. It is simply the probability, as best as I can surmise, that a much-discussed personnel change will actually take place.

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