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Welcome to Garnet and Black Attack

You've found Garnet and Black Attack. Whether that's fortunate or not is up to you, I suppose, but welcome to the home of the South Carolina Gamecocks on SB Nation.

For those of you who know me, thank you for following me here. For those of you who don't, an introduction:

For about a year, I ran a South Carolina blog dubbed Cock & Fire, named after the offense that Steve Spurrier is desperately trying to get the Gamecocks to execute. (The name change is pragmatic; both and are taken, and I care not to know what occupies those corners of the Internet.)

But Peter Bean, proprietor of Burnt Orange Nation, contacted me several weeks ago as part of an effort to expand the coverage of SBN, particularly in the SEC. Being asked is an honor, as it brings one into the company of Sunday Morning Quarterback, Dawg Sports, Roll Bama Roll and of course BON, to name but a few of the great bloggers at SBN. After a few quick questions, I gladly accepted.

So what can you expect? The same blend of irreverent commentary, satire and occasional analysis that was available at C&F. But hopefully with more interaction -- courtesy of some of the features SBN offers -- and the lessons of doing this for a year. In fairness, I'm still learning.

I can think of no better person to learn with than you. Because if not for you, I'm just a guy staying up way too late, posing jokes he thinks are funny on a Web site and vainly inserting his opinion into things like the BlogPoll while doing little that anyone thinks is valuable.

In the end, readers are what blogs are truly about. If we're doing our job, we inform you and entertain you all while empowering you to have more of a say than those guys who do this for a living.

So take advantage of that openness.

And here's to a fun ride.