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FIVE REASONS: Louisiana-Lafayette

"Five Reasons" will serve as your gameday open thread, and will usually be up earlier than this. I envy those of you who have PPV or some other way to watch the game.

1. Steve Spurrier. He's 16-1 in season openers -- and 2-0 for South Carolina -- for a reason. If the game plan works, as it did in 2005 against UCF, he sticks with it. If it doesn't, as happened at Mississippi State in 2006, he adapts. This game should be no different.
2. No Blake Mitchell. This could also be a strike against them. But it at least means no Blakecisions.
3. The defense. This unit should be absolutely great this year. They've got a good mix of talent and athleticism, and Tyrone Nix should have them ready to play.
4. Cory Boyd. With a young QB under center, you want a running back who can carry the ball enough to carry the team if he has to. Boyd's that kind of guy.
5. The WB. Spurrier has lost to only one non-SEC team in Columbia: Clemson, in 2005.

1. Hubris. Get too cocky about facing a less talented team, and this happens. Louisiana-Lafayette defeated Houston last year, and the Cougars took us to the wire in the Liberty Bowl.
2. No Blake Mitchell. There's always the potential for problems when you start a young QB.
3. The offensive line. Young quarterback. Inexperienced line that apparently struggles with difficult concepts like "left" and "right." A recipe for disaster?
4. The receivers. Kenny McKinley and Co. have to step up -- period. If they don't, it's going to be a long season.
5. First game. As Michigan proved, the first game can always be a trap.

RESULT: South Carolina 52, Louisiana Lafayette 13