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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 2

  1. LSU. Just flat-out dominant against whomever they play. Also the only SEC team to beat two BCS-league teams, though calling Mississippi State a "BCS-league team" is admittedly a stretch.
  1. Florida. Yeah, beating Troy by four TDs isn't bad. But it's not nearly as impressive as throttling Virginia Tech.
  1. Alabama. They really should have beat Vandy by more than 14 points. But they're more impressive overall this season than anyone below them.
  1. South Carolina. Beating Georgia doesn't prove anything in and of itself. But history says the Gamecocks are pretty good when they beat Georgia.
  1. Tennesseee. They're lower than South Carolina because both had a scare against a mid-major team (though Tennessee's was not as frightening), but Tennessee lost to Cal. But no homerism at all. No, sir. None whatsoever.
  1. Georgia. Still riding a bit on their win against Oklahoma State here, and the fact that I don't trust Arkansas until they beat an SEC team.
  1. Arkansas. Houston Nutty still bothers me, but we'll have our answers soon enough. Like, by Saturday.
  1. Kentucky. They've put up a lot of points, but have they really proven anything? Not yet.
  1. Auburn. So which one was the fluke: Beating Kansas State or losing to South Florida? Right now, I'm betting the former.
  1. Vanderbilt. They've done nothing to impress me, but nothing to make me think they're worse than -- or even as bad as -- the Mississippis.
  1. Ole Miss. Well, they'll beat Mississippi State, so they'll get one win in conference. Which means they're better than...
  1. Mississippi State. Beating Tulane means you have a program that could play Appalachian State close. Not much more.