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The late hours of a small-town sportswriter (a role I'm playing until the 22nd), the deliriously bad design of a hotel room in the middle of nowhere Michigan (why would you want wifi in the working area when you can have it in the bedroom?) and my limited laptop capability have done away with the graf for this week and next. It will return in Week 4. On to the results...

1. LSU (16), 192 points, (Last week: 1)
The Bayou Bengals are the unanimous No. 1 for the first time but probably not the last. They're the only unanimous anything.

  1. Florida, 174 points, (2)
  1. South Carolina, 147 points, (8)
  1. Arkansas, 141 points, (6)
  1. Tennessee, 126 points, (5)
  1. Alabama, 117 points, (7)
  1. Georgia, 105 points, (3)
  1. Kentucky, 81 points, (9)
  1. Auburn, 67 points, (4)
  1. Vanderbilt, 43 points, (10)
  1. Ole Miss, 33 points, (11)
  1. Mississippi State, 22 points, (12)

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  1. LSU

"Yikesamighty." -- Joel, Rocky Top Talk

"Their Defense is like ceran wrap: absolutely suffocating." -- Tide Druid

  1. Florida

"Looked good against Troy.  Although, someone might want to inform them that games are, in fact, SIXTY minutes." -- The Hog Blogger

"Not ready to make them the SEC East favorite yet after yielding 31 points to Troy. Still not a shred of reason to doubt Tebow (I always want to write "the Letter" after his name ... the guys from Athens will probably know what I'm talking about), Harvin, and co., but I wouldn't be surprised if ... Tennesee ... outscores them this week." -- Jerry, Joe Cribbs Car Wash

  1. South Carolina

"Huge win for the Cock faithful. Blake Mitchell just danced into all of our hearts." -- Tide Druid

"They made the plays they needed to make and Georgia didn't. The game was close enough that I still can't think of SC as a powerhouse, but in an SEC East as wide-open as this year's, who knows?" -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

  1. Arkansas

"A win here and this team could fly straight through to November undefeated, on the strength of that formidable running game." -- And the Valley Shook

"Idle this week, but shot up my poll because of mediocre
performances by other teams." -- Quinton McDawg, Georgia Sports Blog

  1. Tennessee

"Our defense acquitted themselves quite nicely in the second half against a good Southern Miss team, thank you very much. We're keeping it low-key this week, though." -- Joel, Rocky Top Talk

"This Vol team is just kinda uninspired.  Ainge is playing well, the backs are running well.  The defense is just average.  There just seems to be something missing.  The jury is still out on this team." -- Erik, DeepSouthSports

  1. Alabama

"Homer pick, probably, but screw you, we won a game where we were a 3.5 point favorite by 14, and all of our running backs think your defense is slow." -- Todd, Roll Bama Roll

"Beating Vandy at Vandy is solid.  I still need to see more against top-flight competition before I become a believer." -- Glenn, A Sea of Blue

  1. Georgia

"Brilliant performance in week one evidently was a tease. Another year, another likely non-title for Mark Richt and the Dawgs." -- And the Valley Shook

  1. Kentucky

"Offense shines again. Who cares about playing defense right?" -- Flounder, Leftover Hot Dog

  1. Auburn

"On top of last week, this tears it.  4 turnovers, unable to close the deal.  USF is not strong enough to beat a good SEC team at home.  What does that say about Auburn?" -- Glenn, A Sea of Blue

  1. Vanderbilt

"Earl Bennett should have gone somewhere else." -- The Hog Blogger

  1. Ole Miss

"Missouri's defense is hardly a steel curtain, yet the Rebels didn't really get going until the game was virtually out of reach." -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

  1. Mississippi State

"Credit for beating Tulane this season.  Major credit to Michael Hening for keeping both collar bones intact for two consecutive games." -- Erik, DeepSouthSports